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What is content marketing about

What is content marketing about?

I wanted to explore the expression What is content marketing about so that both you and I have a full understanding of what it is, what it wants to achieve and how to measure it.

There are lots of easy explanations on the web but it boils down to having articles on the web that make a buyer want to buy your product. Or, at least achieve a targeted aim. This could be a list of followers for another purpose. A Church following for instance or some type of club.

Content marketing is just an article with a purpose.

This article is Content that will deliver you to a product that I want you to try. It is part of many articles that have a definite target or conceived outcome.

Large businesses have a similar focus. It might be a well-written article on BMW cars and how you can go Touring

What is content marketing about
This could be in the new X4 M2 sedan with the top down and 160 ks an hour. Naturally on an Autobarn somewhere legal. Are they just branding or taking you to a conclusion at a local BMW dealer.

The target is those that are interested and they will read the article and follow the advise delivered to a result somewhere.

The article will contain those Keywords that grab your attention because you have an interest. Those that are clothes shopping will not read or be interested but the time is not wasted.

Many will read an article on the web but pass by an advertisement because it does not have time to tell the story, fill you with dreams and excite the inner you.

It is clever marketing and it these days of Search engines on the internet anything you want is at the click of a mouse.

We want information and we want to be entertained and led by the hand to a conclusion.

So you now have a bit of an understanding of content.

It’s an article on a website.  Its purpose is to drive readers to a conclusion.
This is a highly effective method of attracting business if done correctly.
Traffic can be tracked to a great degree to establish results.
ROI (return on investment) can be monetised for effective placement
A keyword starts the process and a sale finishes the deal

What is content marketing about


As you search Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and pull up items of interest you are skimming content that will interest you.
Generally, the reader will be led along a path but often hijacked by popup offers on a similar subject that appears on any page that you are reading. ( not this one though ) I want to keep you until the end.

End to end tracking

It is important to note that everything is capable of being tracked down to the smallest detail. Google analytics is a great example of this ability where the available data will astound you. There are of course many other ways as well. The point is the article owner will know how effective it is working. Scary but true.

Do you get a return on investment, of course, you can value this by cost over sales return or cost per subscriber or church attendee as examples?

This can then be compared to other forms of direct marketing where the cost is generally much higher

Any Keyword can deliver you to a similar destination. BMW, becomes, coupe, sedan, 4×4, hardtop convertible, Even performance, colours, specifications etc, so many different articles lead to just one finish line.

In days of old way back a couple of years ago this was quite a difficult proposition but with the correct training and low-cost tools, anyone can compete in this market. You don’ need a big budget just a bit of knowledge.

It is all available for free at Wealthy affiliate university if you wish to explore this further.


What is content marketing about

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