Recurring income program

Recurring income program

Recurring income program

There is no better way to make money than recurring income program but how do you get it?

You will often see comments like making money while you are sleeping, or wandering on holidays
but could it all be true?

First of all, what is recurring income

Wikipedia is also very vague on this with only a very brief explanation;

Recurring means occurring repeatedly and can refer to several different things:

This is often associated with a regular income where a customer is billed monthly for a product, service or even a maintenance contract for a term either fixed or unlimited.

In this case, you still have an obligation to supply a service.

When we look at a recurring income we generally tend to view it in terms of a lifetime value.
As an example, I sell a service that averages about $60 a month income. Most customers stay for over 4 years so my total income will be $2880 over the lifetime on average per customer.

Now I have several hundred customers I bill monthly but each on its own is a small customer but when added up a sizeable chunk.

In this case, though, I am obligated to supply a service, raise an invoice and process a payment so it is not all income straight to my pocket.

It still beats the pants off chasing new customers every month as you process invoices.

So where do you get a business like this?

Coaching or mentoring services are a good example where a monthly amount is levied and time is given when and if needed?

Maintenance services are also a good example where you enter a maintenance contract over a period. Repairs are then mostly free if and only if you use them. This, in fact, is a good money builder because in most cases repairs are never required; it’s sort of like insurance.

The list like this is long and we can find examples for just about any service provided but the one important point is that they all require your input on a regular basis. Either just doing the billing or the physical effort is required.

So what other recurring income is available?

Recurring income program

This is the best income you can possibly gather. You don’t have to bill the service or do the work your only activity is to bank the money.

Affiliate income is a great example; this is where you sell someone else’s service and get a share of the revenue.

If this sounds like a pipe dream read on because this is the best game in town.

Many premium products sold on the internet have a monthly payment cost. Examples are web hosting

Cloud backup, some web pages and sales funnels all come with a monthly charge.
When you become an affiliate marketer of these products you get to share a percentage of the invoice.

Not once but every month that the customer is charged.

With Amazon, you have a one time sale, a quick in and out and a small percentage of the sale.
You might continue to sell products so this is not to be underestimated but it does have downsides.

Products go out of style or out of date and sales dip.

I do my web hosting at The wealthy affiliate where I am also an Affiliate, strangely enough.
If I can get you to a paid account at Wealthy affiliate I earn from a part of your monthly amount.

They also have a competition for a trip to Las Vegas and all you need to do is have 300 members sign under you. Is that possible? To be perfectly honest I am not going to Las Vegas this year but a friend of mine, Grace a mother of three based in the USA passed the 300 just this week.

What is important about this is that 300 would provide you a monthly income of about US$6600
and that is every month for years to come, yes there will be some drop offs but there will be some gains because of past work. So this will last for many more years. It is really a great retirement fund.

I also use Aweber for my Autoresponders and they have a similar plan. Lifelike I use Noble Samurai for doing my videos and I also earn affiliate income from them.

These three companies have a very high reputation for honesty and delivering a great product.

Many companies are not so honest and I have been burned along the way.

You get nothing for doing nothing.

Recurring income program

Yes it takes some time at the start and you need some training to achieve all this and that is where we start you on this massive wealth building exercise.

Pay no money to learn.

Sounds too good to be true and a bit of a gimmick but in this case, you are the winner.

Wealthy affiliate allows access to most training completely free. Just log in and train away, no credit card no grand promises and even a free website thrown in.

They do this because they want you to succeed which means they do as well and in turn, I do so the world is a better place for us all.

I just know you will go off and research all sorts of online referral programs and so you should but first of all, save yourself a lot of time.
The ones I have chosen provide complete training and are recognised brand leaders in the market.

They are easy to promote and all give you a free entry so you are not handing over money to have a look.

The other catch is Up-sells. When you buy into a cheap product you are then provided compelling reasons to spend more money. I am talking big money in some cases to achieve what you can get for nothing.

Upsells are a trap to be aware of and once you are in the loop it is difficult to get out.

What you should have is a good clean organization that everyone can use and you can gain a recurring income from. In fact, you can even use the product yourself to make money.

Take for example Noble Samurai; Here you can make videos for local businesses and charge them a fee

or send emails through AWeber and set up an Autoresponder. So many opportunities but you must get a bit of training first.

That is why I always recommend The Wealthy Affiliate as a starting or end point because it has everything for you to launch or continue a career in internet income.

Recurring income programPeter Hanley


Noble Samurai link to free products

How can I start my own business with no money?

How can I start my own business with no money?

You think you have the ability, some computer skills, a bit of spare time  and want to make some money
but you are dead broke.

Join the club, my friend, it’s a big club with lots of members and millions looking for a cheap buck.

First of all, let me say there is no easy way, no instant wealth even Lotto you need to buy a ticket.

Wishing for money fails every time and I think it’s not in your God’s mind to single you out for instant wealth.

Yes, you can suck up to rich relatives then see them leave a fortune to an African orphanage, all that time being kind and nice wasted without a comeback.

So what can be done to start a business?

First of all, let’s eliminate some of those very Manual jobs.
You can pay a few bills delivering Uber eats or driving an Uber taxi.
Let’s face it there are not enough hours to make you rich.
What you earn in a day others spend on a meal, it does not seem fair but that is your world, it’s not fair so you need to turn the tables.

Now it has been said that Multi-Level marketing is the way to riches, Million Dollar a year earners from doing very little.

This is true, it does happen and happens often for a minuscule number of people.
Getting to the top is going to take years and then a 90% chance you still won’t make it.
Not impossible I say but you want to bet it is highly improbable.

The Multilevel marketing dream, true or false?

Amway, Tupperware, Insurance all sorts of foods and ideas that get you excited but there are some big stumbling blocks.
You have to talk to a lot of people one-on-one and be a super salesperson taking up a lot of your time and costing you money.

I know it may look exciting but it needs to be a day job to make any money, you would be better off working for the man.

A select few have made it big time with a new trend or fad. Most of us, and myself included, missed the BitCoin rush. Let’s remember though you needed funds and money you were prepared to lose to buy into the scheme.

I am not trying to be negative here just laying out a few of the PotHoles along the way and things not to waste your valuable time on.

The Internet for small business.

There is no doubt that the Internet is the holder of all things possible.
Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs are just a couple of names that come to mind.
All their businesses started from a very small under-capitalized home business, Now wouldn’t that be great.
Beyond the dreams of most but it is only an idea away.

The old fable about trading up takes our imagination, you buy something cheap and sell higher.
Now re-invest the funds to do it, again and again, each time to buy something more expensive.
The idea is sound, it works but takes a lot of horse trading.

Getting something for free and selling it up.

A good example is plant cuttings, scour the neighbourhood for popular plants and ask for some cuttings.
You can now pot them for sale. Succulents a great example, people pay dearly for these and they are easy to poach and cheap to pot.

Writing books and e-books and how to guides.
To become a famous author takes a lot of skill, talent and training a set that most of us don’t come near. E-books and Guides are mostly given away free or in exchange for an email or phone number
so you might struggle a bit with these.

Don’t give up, stay with me here we might be getting close.

You need a computer, you can borrow the internet from a shopping centre or neighbour but you must at least have a basic working computer.
I have never bought a new machine.
You can go to the local seconds’ dealer and bargain for the best available at a price that meets your pocket.
There is no need for high performance because your time is too important to waste playing games.

Furthermore, my typing speed is not all that good so a three-year-old model at about $150 does everything you need.
Too much you say, well what about the mobile you are holding? Cost more than that I bet. Just saying.

The big model is Amazon

Amazon has affiliates selling its products where they make a commission.
Now there are many just like Amazon but Amazon is the best known so it is easy to start.
You can sell just about anything with a free website and just pick up a commission in your sleep.
Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s actually not.
People are making money with this every day and you could be one of them with a proviso.

Go back to a small business school.

Only with some background or learning is everything possible
Example; If you were selling succulents you would need to first know what they are, basic stuff, then research the different types.
This can be done on Google off course and how best to pot them.
Do they grow in soil or water and what time of the year is best?
Then who is selling them near you and a range of pricing being given to the public?
Where is best to market them so people will want to buy your nice potted succulent.
Return buyers are valuable so you need to Brand yourself and have a phone number.
As the business grows perhaps you need a website or Facebook page or even Instagram as you post great pics.
So from potting one succulent we now have a career blossoming because you have done the work.

Move on from Succulents

The Internet is the same. In fact, Amazon has its own university to teach you to sell things for them.
It was only a few short years ago that you had to make all this up on the run. Now, it is all laid out for you to make it easy.

I learned everything on the Internet at The Wealthy Affiliate. I started for free and built my first website without paying a single dime.
My need was to learn about the internet to help my real business to get new clients.

Social media and business

We wanted to use Facebook and other social media so that we were not left behind.
The internet is changing the world and if you are not with it you are left behind.
This is seen every day with people in small business complaining about how bad things are. When I ask what are they doing about it they say we don’t want to spend any money because we need to do x with it.

Facebook costs nothing to do a post, I have friends that promote their business using only Instagram, in Fact, I often tell the story of Kayla Iteness who became a millionaire promoting her Workout on Instagram, only Instagram.

These stories are everywhere but you must have the basics to even consider starting out. You can learn everything for free these days or pay a king’s ransom from some slick Dude who gets you to shell out on a get rich promise.

Do not go paying money for anything until you know what you are paying for. Most get rich schemes only make one person rich and that is not you my friend.

Go to the Wealthy affiliate by clicking here and do some free training, no credit card, no pressure just good free advise to help you start on any venture that has internet involvement.

Take the time to Liaise with some of the people online and join like-minded souls in searching for a starting point to your new history.
Follow a couple of the high achievers and see what they do to make money and how much they make. Don’t believe the seller make your own decision based on your research and what you want to achieve.

You will Do something, doing nothing is not an option.

I am a Wealthy affiliate user and promoter but I can supply you an endless list of paid courses that I tried before entering this world. I use Wealthy Affiliate to further my daily business as well as join a great community of people sharing many of the same problems and Goals.

As I said, put your Credit card behind you and your internet future in front of you and start a Journey.

You can thank me later.

How to start an online business for freePeter Hanley,






small business marketing advice

small business marketing advice

Small business marketing advice

The best advice that I can provide is actually pretty simple.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to follow the rules and maintain the necessary inputs to make sure that I achieve the results I want.

Business starts with a PLAN

Ad-hoc marketing rarely, if ever works and if it does it is only for a short time.

So the simple answer is to have a plan and even to plan what you put into it.

I am not trying to be complicated or cute here but your plan should be laid out in full and then each element of the plan needs to be dissected with important strategies.

First of all what goes into a plan.

Look at what you want to achieve as a target and then take the steps to support your effort to tangible and measurable results.

You may want to find more customers, achieve greater revenue, increase turn over or even reduce operating costs.

Then you need to know how much you are willing to spend and what return on your investment is expected.

Importantly you need to look at who does the inputs, who monitors the results and who makes the changes.

Remember a plan is a plan, it is not a Blueprint, it is malleable and manageable to enhance your results.

Let’s look at an example of a plan

small business marketing advice

Part of your plan is to use social media to grow your business.

Now social media covers a lot of entries like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube etc etc.

Yes, you can be in all of them and you should be in several but the problem is your time input.

The first rule of social media is to be consistent, regular posting retains front of mind and gets results. This, however, takes time and effort.

It is fortunate that you can now post in advance on all media so you can do a week or month at a time but it must be done.

Wasting time with no plan

Without a plan, you will spend/waste hours working out what to do and when to do it.

As an aside, I do a blog on rescue cats, It was set up as a test and now become an obsession or a living thing Facebook

I spend probably 30 minutes a week on this and a few minutes during a week answering comments. I think up a theme, find some Pictures, do a week’s worth of posts and all done. I set aside a time for the weekend to complete the work. If I tried to do this every day the time involved would be about 7 fold my weekly effort. The longer-term plan includes monetising the site but that is another story.

A good website needs consistent blogging to get free SEO  and Co-Schedule

recently posted that;

“Websites with blog content get 434% more pages indexed in search engines.

Businesses that publish 16+ blog posts every month get 3.5x more traffic than businesses that publish zero to four posts.


Writing down how you’ll publish content will help you boost traffic.”

You must have a plan and set either time aside or get someone else to do your scripting.

I do all my own but I have a plan, I search for my subjects to create a theme that will cover the Keywords I want to include. I research my keywords using the Jaaxy keyword tool for traffic and then expand the keywords using longer tails.

My writing is usually templated where I use my header and then list out a bundle of subtitles about the subject and then fill in the script of the subtitles. This way you are writing a series of small articles, not one big long one as you strive for a thousand words.

Your daily business should run to a plan

I want new customers to build my list so I must take consistent steps every day to get them. I have a local business so I know that I must contact 50 people to do 10 presentations to achieve 2 sales.

Your numbers may vary depending on the product or the approach but the maths are consistent.

Therefore the answer is if you do nothing you achieve about the same.

Contacting people is part of my plan.

Every day I do emails to past and new clients.
We have templated several suitable emails to suit a niche market.
I then search allowed email addresses through a tool I use and download a group of contacts.
If I did say, Builders, then I would follow with
Carpet sales, tiles, cabinets, removals, landscaping, window cleaning etc.
This process is also very quick while I listen to some talk chat on the radio.

Cut a few emails, put them into an autoresponder, attach my templated messages and send. Now the good part of this is that those that follow the emails go to my next day/week call list as warm clients.

The point of all this is that it is all part of the master plan and a concentrated effort that takes minimal time to produce maximum results.

Without a daily plan, you will achieve little.

Often the daily grind gets in the way and those pesky customers take up all your time and you just can’t get around all to the other activities and nothing gets done.
My plan includes getting up an hour early and doing my designated chores before the working day starts. Some are night owls and find evenings better but being a morning person works for me.

In conclusion, a plan is needed for every part of your business and it must include;

small business marketing advice

It must be in writing
Able to be shared with all participants
The plan  must be achievable and measurable
and it must have an ROI (return on investment)
Regular checking and adjusting
Plus be easy to use on a daily basis

Finally, throughout this blog, you will find many small business tips and even Free training on all things Internet at
The Wealthy Affiliate


small business marketing advicePeter Hanley