Cold calling tips

The  Best cold calling tips

Cold calling tips

So you want, have or need to do cold calling and think it’s a grind?

Cold calling is dead was a recent article I wrote and there I referenced warm calling as the way to go.

How to Cold call and my three Golden rules of marketing.

As a business person, I recognise that the number 1 golden rule of sales is that you must have someone to talk to or you are just twiddling your thumbs.

Let me also tell you the next Golden rule number two. If you are busy today it is the result of something you did a week or month ago.
Now reverse that and ask if you are quiet today it is the result of something you didn’t do a week or month ago.

I will give you a quick example, when you are going on vacation you work really hard up until the moment you walk out the door and leave with a clean slate. Or should do anyway.

When you return after the weeks away you need to start rebuilding again because all is quiet.

What’s all this got to do with cold calling you may well ask.

Cold calling tips

I hate cold calling. It is a relic of the past and is now dominated by cheap labour and scam products.

We all get the scam callers on a range of matters mostly with no relevance to you.

These actions have set up a resilience to the cold call and made our life a lot harder.

If you are a professional or regular salesperson wasting time grinding out call after call is soul-destroying and quite frankly a waste of your time and money.

Why must you cold call?

Saying all the above Cold calling still has a place in our lives only the rules have changed.

We repeat, you must have someone to talk to or you just can’t make sales, end of the story.

I make it a habit of calling a number of people every day, some warm some cold. I allocate a time slot and work the phones until the timer rings out. Then it is time to move on to the next thing.

Cold calling rules.

Cold calling tips

Use your script with personality. Many teachers will say use a script whilst others say not to.

I use the middle ground, having a basic script saves you from waffling on and wasting time, yours, and more importantly the customers’ time.

The first call should focus on an introduction to you and your business and should be light and friendly.

Your first call must have a follow-up reason or you are wasting time.

You are not there to sell, you are there to gather a few basic client details that will help you provide client benefits.

A reminder it is about them not about you.

Cold calling tips

Don’t overwhelm them on the original call, keep them relaxed and importantly have them accept that there will be a follow-up call. The call must be for a reason or intrigue or suspense anything that will gain a higher acceptance

If you find you have no common purpose, for whatever reason, exit gracefully and move on. Don’t keep pushing the barrow it will only bring disharmony.

Cold calling is not one size fits all.

Cold calling or even warm calling is not a one size fits all product unless you are in a call centre.

Adapt your techniques and change them as you fail in a call. It will happen and ask yourself why. What did you say wrong? What could you do better?

My final Golden Rule of telephone calls. Know when to stop talking. If you are after a simple yes stop right there. Get off the phone and take your yes with you.
Believe me, nothing is worse than overtalking and going from a yes to
let me think about it.

Just saying with

Peter Hanley

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