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Here we look at how to Get Qualified for a job you need. In this fast-moving world of IT, no qualifications can be better than internet training.

My prior writing on this solicited so much reading I thought I should
expand on a very important subject.

Going through life without a certificate of graduation

Many of us don’t get the opportunity to attend University or College due to a variety of reasons in social, economic and environmental societies.

Should I confess I was one in a whole other category.
I started full-time work at 15 and worked two jobs most of my life.
Then I started a degree in Accounting because my employment demanded it. Since I hated it I left.
Got married and tried part Time University in B.Business, never finished.
This is not to say my career and life were not successful.
I worked Nationally and Internationally over many years, started a small one-man business and went to a stock exchange listing in 5 years and have been virtually my own boss for over 40 years.
I have awards Commendations, recognition but no certificate to hang on the wall.

Again I failed at my next attempt

As I recognised that the new paradigm was the Internet and that I started equally with many others in my learning.
The early entrants had to learn coding and building with obscene languages that were beyond my abilities and I left them to it.
Then we started marketing and anyone in business needed to come up to steam in Internet talk.
Furthermore, I spent countless hours seeking answers across the net and finally came to a resting place at the free Wealthy Affiliate training.
I did the first courses jumping ahead with excitement as I filled many gaps in my learning and applying strategies to my marketing.
Thinking I knew it all and steaming along but not getting the results I wanted.
What could be wrong? Did I miss something?

Then I went back to day one and completed every single course to achieve a certificate to put on the wall.

More importantly, my understanding was greatly increased and allowed me to continue to an advanced course.

Then I lost my certificate

So proud was I that I qualified the Wealthy Affiliate university that I forgot to securely save the evidence.
Not to worry it shows on My Wealthy affiliate site every time I log in

get qualified, image of a certificate
get qualified at Wealthy Affiliate

Online Entrepreneur Certification

5 courses50 lessons

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

Now that’s not too hard is it.

Don’t get me wrong, This is not a formal Qualification, in fact, Kyle one of the founders recently posted.

This is not an “accreditation” program, if we were accredited by the government and were institutionalized, not only would our training become dated very quickly (like it is in Uni/College), we would be forced to charge up to 100 times what we are charging ($30,000+ per year)

Your “knowledge” is your certification and you with what you learn here at WA, you could easily go head to head with any internet marketing firm or SEO agency in the world.


Certificates are paper knowledge is power

I use the learning at WA every single day in one form or another. It drives me to perform at a greater rate and seek achievement knowing that I am backed by a group that really support everything I do

You will join this group starting at zero cost as you start the training and work through to a full entrepreneur level and earning money.

It’s not all easy, in fact, it is time-consuming and will stretch your abilities beyond what you expect. Therefore it will fill you with so much gratification at the levels of achievement you meet.

Best of all you will join with like-minded strugglers who share there successes and failures as they achieve the daily hurdles.

Wealthy affiliate link

In conclusion, click on through without your credit card and see just what is possible to take you to another level. Furthermore I know you can do it.

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My Name is Peter Hanley and my site New business online chock full of training on the internet for yourself and your business. I am a Wealthy Affiliate graduate.

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