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How to Start a Small Business Online

In this brief but important review, we look at How to start a small business online to ensure your success. Just what to do and not do

A passion for small business  online

How to start a small business online for success is an absolute passion of mine and is now within the reach of just anyone with a computer

An online business is a creative environment that will test your skills and provide you with endless joy as you face the many small challenges that you will meet.

How to start a small business online without capital

Create a business without capital

You can do this with very little capital or experience as you learn along the way. The learning curve can be slow and steady or fast-tracked to meet your deadline.

Finding a business or establishing a niche to Suit

how to start a small business online

Seek out something that interests you, that you have some knowledge or background in and that you can pass on some of the knowledge you have.

Blogging is the simplest form of an online business, when you get going you can monetize the site in quite a few ways.

Referral or affiliate income particularly recurring income.
Selling  advertising on your site using a product like Adsense
coaching  others on how to repeat your lessons

Drop shipping

Amazon is the one that comes to mind here


There are two main ways to do this.

Paid using Shopify module that takes you through every step of the way
Free using the Woocomerce module on a WordPress site


There are endless products on the market. You can buy directly from China via Alibaba, books from Udemi hard products from Amazon, or any number of international retailers that want your skills.

Advising on the internet

People are screaming for help to use the internet and social media to advance the business case.
There are just so many areas on which to focus that specializing is now a great option.
Website Building
Facebook, Instagram, messaging the list is long and you just need to concentrate on a small circle of knowledge

How do you start going about this: from the internet I copied.

  1. Find a need and fill it.
  2. Write copy that sells.
  3. Design and build an easy-to-use website.
  4. Use search engines to drive traffic to your site. (SEO)
  5. Establish an expert reputation for yourself.
  6. Follow up with your customers and subscribers with email.
  7. Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling.

Sounds pretty easy and really it is to get started.  The real trick is to learn basic website construction first. Everything starts and finishes here.

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We help you learn from day one

How to start a small business online

Learn the basics of the web, post, and Blog pages over a week or so.

Learn about Keywords and how they work with SEO.

Now pick a URL or your new www. name. Use a keyword tool to find traffic.
Your first URL can be bought from the Wealthy affiliate or someone like
Go Daddy is one of the biggest.

Establish where your customers are and how to target them. Local Area,  State, Country, or worldwide.
This will make a difference in your market mindset. For example, if you wanted to do one-on-one coaching you would target a local market. Selling Internet products is a world market.

Define a direction you want to go and with what product, idea, or offer

You are going to need help, advice, and mentoring along the way. Things can get a bit tricky. We can search Google but it’s great if you have a great feedback forum to ask. 24/07

I use Wealthy Affiliate for all my activities because everything is here in one spot. The best bit is that it is free to join and you get free hosting for a website. In addition, a Keyword tool and as much training as you can handle.
Support is excellent but the forum activity is a bunch of raving fans that will encourage you, support you, and keep you on track.

Keep the goal in sight.

how to start a small business online

Keep the goal in sight and work your way day by day monitoring as you go.

Do not fall into the trap of buying every second product on the web to make you rich. We all go there and waste time and money on shortcut methods to greater profits. It does not work.
Define a project and complete it before moving on unless you are totally off track of course.

If you are building an income from scratch without spending a lot of capital you need to contribute your time to achieve a result.
Nothing happens without you, so be prepared to knuckle down and stretch yourself to success.
It can be done but not in a day but in;
How to start a small business Online

A concerted effort on a path to your success

how to start a small business online

Peter Hanley

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