Why do most online attempts fail

Why do most online attempts fail when it seems so easy? The truth is that you never fail until you stop trying because a result is always just around the corner

Failure is a mindset

Why do most online attempts fail

Everyone will fall short at some time in life, if we don’t we would never learn to overcome obstacles and kick back up.
Take a football team of any brand. Each week they could lose a game, is it failure or just another small setback?
The Grand Final is the big day and only two teams make it, have the rest failed? Of course, they have because the ultimate goal is the final winner.
However, they lick their wounds and immediately start planning for next year. They make changes, sack people, employ people adjust the system or do anything that will make that slight difference for next year.

The rule of 1%

A one per cent change will not change the world or will it? When applied to 10 different things you suddenly have a 10% change which is massive in terms of improvement
Imagine a football team getting 10% better, Ten per cent more goals, more kicks more everything.
You can be the same if you work on the small differences.

The boredom factor

We all start out with a truckload of enthusiasm for what we are doing. As we go along familiarity creeps in and the truck unloads a little every day. If you have small wins maybe it slows the process but gradually it all seems like hard work.

Then the inquisitive you go searching the internet for answers. New ways to make money, new ideas, better training and even wasting time flicking through YouTube channels to take your mind off the real work.
At this stage, you are doomed to failure.
Giving up is the only option.
No one makes money anyway so why should you try?

Go back to your plan and review the process. Make minor alterations to things that can work better and set a new goal. One that is possible and challenge yourself to make it. Rinse and repeat.

The influencers

Why do most online attempts fail

This is the natural enemy of most new starters. They lurk in the background and make discouraging remarks and openly criticise what you are doing.

They know little or nothing about your journey but are only too happy to tell you what to do. Get a real job they will say no one makes money doing what you are doing. stop wasting time, you are always on the computer, get out in the sunshine, and waste time like the rest of us.
Turn off your emotional baggage. Like anything else go back to your plan and visualise the result, know where you are going and what is required to get there.

Gaining new ideas

The internet is a changing environment and you need to stay ahead of the pack. Follow a good mentor or two and do some regular training so you are ahead of the market. However, don’t overdo it. It is a nice escape sometimes but you need positive input that helps your knowledge grow and supports a better product. I use the training at Wealthy Affiliate because I can pick out what I want to learn by understanding my weak points.

A commitment to the achievement

Make sure you spend time every day on achieving your goal. Feel guilty when you don’t and use that to bring more energy to bear. It can only be done by your input and the blame lays fairly on you if you ignore your obligations.
Review your goals, make up a success board, and graph your results so that you can use them to push yourself harder.
It is not always easy, or fun but believe me winning that final game is the best feeling in the world.
You can do it.

Why do most online attempts fail

Passing the baton

At times this is the only way out because you have given it your all and nothing works.

You may choose to use a program like the Millionaires Apprentice where they do all the hard work for you whilst you add your best skill sets to magnify the returns. I use it as a passive income source whilst doing my own thing, sort of a side hustle.


Never feel alone in your journey because most of us have either been there or are sharing the same feelings and inadequacies.

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It is your duty to rise above them and make a mark in your world that will make you proud.

Why do most online attempts fail by Peter Hanley

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