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How to work from home without investment

So you want to work from home and have no money

Gee, you’re asking the impossible here but let’s look at what you can achieve
on how to work from home without investment

First of all trading time for money is not always a good idea.

If you spend two hours to do something that could be done in 5 minutes with a simple tool
it is not a good investment.
Your time should earn you money or move you in the direction of money.

Your time really is worth money, so spend it wisely.

Working from home could mean a lot of things and cover a lot of opportunities so we will narrow it down just a bit.

A computer is needed for just about everything

How to work from home without investment

A computer internet and a phone are necessary unless you can use someone else’s Internet for example:
a local café or shopping centre where you can achieve free internet.

On phones and computers look for good second-hand deals that you can trade for.

My grandson buys on E bay and then resells at a higher price until he gets to the model he wants.
He might only make $50 or $100 an upgrade but it is not long before he gets enough to buy a gaming computer.
Beware the scams he once bought an empty computer box in a great trade that come undone.

You can get a free website and Hosting that is secure, safe and permanent at Wealthy Affiliate if You follow my link. You can also pick up a bundle of training here that may speed up your progress.

Email is your best contact

How to work from home without investment

You can get a free email address at Gmail, Hotmail or Google that can provide outside access to you so that bit is solved.

Your second-hand computer will come with basic packages like word and Excel that are programs that cover most issues.

I use Grammarly as a spell checker which is a free tool and WordPress for my websites that is also free.

I do My own SEO based on two free apps called Yoast SEO and All in one SEO that teaches me to construct and monetize my free website.

Knowing what you are doing onlineHow to work from home without investment


Google Analytics is also free to tell you all about your web page performance.

Doing emails is also pretty easy as most companies have a starter membership. Do some on Constant Contact, some on Mailchimp and then search the web for more as you grow.

Most office furniture can be scrounged from old house throw outs and with a bit of thought, you can make a trendy environment in which to work.

Search Vista print for free offers and get business cards made and printed for just a few dollars. Go to a local printer and do a job for a print.

Search the web for free anything before committing to dollars and always use a trial package to make sure it works.

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How to work from home without investment
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