Online business ideas for beginners

Online business ideas for beginners that have some chance of making money and will not cost a fortune. We tell you to think before you leap.

What are good online business ideas?

First of all, anything we talk about must have a chance of returning your investment in time and money. The rest are not worth following unless you want a hobby.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one choice because it teaches you to make money, has a great affiliate program, and introduces you to a whole lot of real chances with other affiliates’ operations.

Start with some basic training so you don’t waste time

I can give you any amount of great ideas to make money but none will work unless you have some idea of what you are doing.
You need to understand about SEO and keywords along with how you go about selling online.

Secondly, we don’t want your money, we want you to try the basic training for free and see if it works for you. This is before you do anything else.

A world of scams is waiting for you.

Certainly, you can give away a lot of money and get nothing in return. Every day great offers will pop up promising the world and how you can get rich without any experience. 99% are rubbish and designed by professionals to get you in. Not only will they take your money they will consume so much of your time that you will eventually give up.

There are well paid courses if you want a mentor

One I usually recommend is my friend Roy Carter. He lives the online dream of residing on an Island in the Pacific Ocean dodging the occasional cyclone and teaching people basic skills.
Roy does not take everyone and he introduces himself with a nice video where you hear what you will learn before you need to commit anything. It is a paid course but worthwhile if you need your skills fast-tracked.

Online business ideas for beginners and some basics

Good business ideas for you

Only recently Amazon was right up at the top list of opportunities until they slashed all the commissions in half. Amazon and Walmart two top-rated companies don’t want affiliates anymore

My recent update on the new position Amazon has taken was reported in a recent post.

Imagine spending months building an Amazon site and seeing it trashed overnight.

Therefore we need to find some new light in the shade.

The affiliate business is truly alive you just need to find the right one

Online business ideas for beginners

During the Covid crisis home, Gym equipment was all the rage as were bicycles and all things exercise. Anyone that had an affiliate site really hit payday.
It did not stop there, home renovations also went ballistic, curtains, carpets, and lighting to name a few.
In addition, it went on with computer equipment and desks for home-based workers.

Then we went to take away meals and packaged dinners for those locked away.

My point is that affiliate sales are always available even in the worst of times New online business ideas are everywhere you just need to ask.
How do you ask? I will tell you later but there are some things to do first.

You need a resume of your experience.

Imagine walking up to a new boss and saying I want to sell your stuff. Great says he,( or she) what experience do you have. Your reply could be, ” well none but I want to learn. OK, can you set up a website? No, but it can’t be that hard. Do you know anything about Gym equipment? No, but my cousin does some weight training I could ask him, if would that help.

On the other hand, the conversation goes along the lines of: ” yes I have a website and getting some traffic every day, At this stage, I have not placed any links to the site but believe your product will fit right in”

Who will get the job?

Finding an affiliate partner the easy way

Firstly know exactly what you want, it could be Home gym equipment available in Nebraska for under a thousand dollars.

Go to Google and type in home Gym equipment Nebraska (space) affiliate,

You will see pages of results just like the one below for all sorts of opportunities

home business
A live example

Therefore finding opportunities is pretty easy but converting them is something else.
Affiliate marketing online

Recurring income affiliate earnings

I am biased here because I have been doing this for three decades in business and online

You sell a product today and then get paid every month for as long as the association lasts,
Wealthy Affiliate is a recurring income system as they grow the whole business based on referrals and you can join and start from day one.

We talked about the Gym industry and they have rental products and training programs that also fill the bill.

Wealthy AffiliateWeb hosting and training
Jaaxy Keyword finderKeyword Tool
A WeberLists and leads
Constant ContactEmail marketing
Contact SamuraiVideo Builder
Roy CarterMentor training
A shortlist

All the above are in my stable and are reputable and class-leading products that I would recommend.

Of course, if you google this there are thousands more to choose from. Let’s do a reminder to learn before you earn.

Online business ideas for beginners who are you?

Is blogging for beginners?

is blogging for you

First of all, I am a blogger so my advice is probably a little biased toward this product. As a writer, I can add affiliate links everywhere and even advertise to make considerable returns on my efforts.

It may become a profitable business that can sustain a healthy lifestyle however it takes time.
If you have a subject and a passion start today because time won’t wait.

When I was looking for what to do on the internet I thought I am just Joe average what Have oi got to write about? Five hundred blogs later I found the answer is what can I not write about?

I love what I do and helping both small businesses and Internet start-ups has become a passion.
However, it is time-consuming and takes lots of words to find your place among the readers.
For instance, I write about 6000 words a week and run a business so it takes a bit of effort, particularly as I am a two-finger plodder on the Keyboard.

How to target the best clients for great sales

Running a shop online

Surprisingly quite easy to do and easy to run with the technology available today. You can run a free site on WordPress or pay for Takes a bit of setup time but when you are up and going just maintenance.

What will you sell? Your own products, drop ship products, affiliate products, training, support or a whole range of options. It is an online shop that just fills the shelves with products that will make you money.
Online shopping is growing exponentially so the time is right to join the rush.

Who is online marketing for?

I have written for seniors, teenagers, Black women, old guys, and gals, retired and restricted the list is endless as the internet is blind. There is no prejudice where we are all made equal.

Finally, I shall repeat go to school first learn the basics and apply them to have a chance of success.


My desire on this page was simply to give you a bit of enthusiasm to start a real journey on the internet. Furthermore to enjoy the journey and make it a success along the way. It takes time and maybe a few dollars here and there but spend money wisely and dedicate time broadly on the way to a great occupation or hobby.

Online business ideas for beginners by Peter Hanley

Online business ideas for beginners
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