If your affiliate marketing fails then sell the course

If your affiliate marketing fails then sell the course. This is a way forward that the experts use and the rest of us fail to understand

Does Affiliate marketing work?

Of course it does, even more, every day with many more home shoppers. A heap of products is sold by affiliates yet it still remains mostly in the hands of the high volume experts.
What’s more many of the big outlets have reduced your operating margins to levels that are no longer viable.

The main culprit is Amazon who really took the pruning shears to the margins, Working for 2% is hardly viable as you must replace the value with volume which is just not happening.
As Amazon is the leader of the pack places like Walmart and the Chinese operators all took this as great advice and followed suit in margin cut.

It is interesting that Amazon’s sales and profit have dropped by trying to move sales inside. Many affiliates just left the market thus affecting volume.

Google has also penalised affiliates

Google has changed its strategy with content where only the best will do. Where you could previously bash out a product review and use good keywords to get a front-row birth it no longer happens.

If your material is Ho hum and same, same it will be pushed down to double-digit pages even when perfectly constructed.. You may still get some Bing traffic but certainly not from Google.

Businesses moving online

There is a general recognition that all businesses need to be online. They require a well-constructed sales page linking to their stock and accounting. system. They are competing with their own affiliates for online sales.

This is from the big stores right down to the stop-front retailer They then gain a privileged position in search terms thus affecting the affiliates.

The use of loyalty programs

If your affiliate marketing fails then sell the course

This is not only in the top end but spreading down as retailers appreciate the value of a good loyalty program.
Customers earn money, gifts or privileges going direct thus they studiously avoid using an affiliate link where they may miss out.

Customer surveys.

This is another retail spiderweb designed to stick the client in-house. It could just be a branding association or a care factor however it does leverage the client away from the affiliate promotor.
Surveys have become so prolific they are becoming annoying and will not do the job designed, other than keeping customers within the loop.

Upsells that steal the pixels

Now here is a real problem and that is Pixel stealing. the one little item that identifies you as the creator of the business. Amazon pixels self-destruct in 24 hours, some last a week and a few like Wealthy Affiliate a lifetime.

However, when a client is introduced and is solicited away to a new purchase all rules are lost, they become a company client and not a bonified referral.

The honesty factor

Because it is hard for you to know how many you refer or more so how many buy once or more times. I use Pretty linked to monitor my referrals but that can never give you sales results. I sent over 3000 referrals to one site without a single trial, a fact, I find it hard to believe. Sometimes I do a test with a phantom email or push the free trial to ensure I am not wasting my time.

The changing times of affiliate marketing

If your affiliate marketing fails then sell the course

Affiliate were once a much-loved species. A low-cost entry to a broad market arena producing an endless supply of business leads. That was before the new marketing parameters allowed the companies to compete on a more than equal footing. In many cases, affiliates have become more of a problem than an asset.
In fact so much so that these companies divested the management of affiliates over to broker houses that controlled how and when you got paid.
Of course, these houses want figures so you are enticed to broaden your outlook and share your efforts more widely. This is detrimental to you.
High producers help their stats and give the broker credence over the many competing companies. We the affiliates are just numbers in a game and no longer important members of an organisation.

No wonder affiliate marketing is changing

With so many contributing factors working against the general affiliate marketer, it is a wonder we exist at all. There are, of course, still the heroes that use us as a legitimate and exclusive introduction to gaining new business but they are getting fewer and further apart.

If your affiliate marketing fails then sell the course

We have established that Affiliate marketing is getting a pretty raw deal and that perhaps we need
to boost it with a new and innovative approach.

Let me tell you how.

Selling the training that helps the new and struggling marketer

I tried to avoid this for a long time in a mistaken belief that as an affiliate I was a loyal and needed part of the marketing program. Not to be taken the wrong way as I still have associations with those that believe in this it is just it is getting less promoted.

However, we are all wanting to make our way to financial success in an ever-increasing body of people wanting the same thing. Therefore we need to think differently or starve to death.

The square has been broken and we need to think outside to find the current flow of income that we should expect as full-time marketers, or even part-time producers

It is wise to avoid shiny objects and dubious offers

First, a word of caution, chasing rainbows is not a course of action. I get 10 or more offers on my desk every day from businesses promising me instant wealth without doing any work. You see them and they are often so well written that temptation beckons you to the fold. You pay the money, fail and move to the next one. That is not a game we want to play.
One famous example was a company called MOBE. Now they probably get money out of more people than anything else on the market. The upsells were persistent and consistent with outrageous promises to wealth and fame beyond the imagination of t of us.
This was not overnight, it went on for some time before it was closed as a Pyramid scheme and the promoters were banned for lice and stripped of their assets. The punters were left with nothing to show. I was lucky it was $39 to look but I did not buy it.

New programs appear every day

I will introduce you to JVZoo and Warrior plus who handle the promotion of products and the payment of income. Every day they give new products that promise the world. Of course, some are very good, some average and others will never last the distance. Therefore you need your smart hat on when buying any product.
You need to find the better names among them with low return rates and high volume sales that indicate the trust of the buying public.

That is why I chose Profit alliance.

  • The seller has a record of 76,000 sales to his name on JV Zoo alone
  • The return rate is a low 4% which is more than reasonable
  • The producer has been in the market for 20 years
  • It comes with money-back guarantees
  • The real close for me was the number of well-known writers of programs that were in the sales campaign.
  • Jono Armstrong, David Perdew, Joel Therion and others

This was my out-of-the-square moment

Instead of promoting someone else’s product and getting beaten at every corner, I would take on my own journey of adventure.

Profit Alliance was my wake-up call and I went in boots and all. After struggling to get affiliate sales I started earning commissions within a few days. Small at first but that grows to a guaranteed $10, 000 a month for anyone that goes the distance.
You will see person after person talking about the money they gathered at the start of the journey.

This is only possible because you get access to free traffic that offers programs and you get 100% commission.

Therefore this is creating income and helping others achieve the same goal, something we all strive for.
Yes, there is an investment but anything that is free is not worth the price so to get returns you need a degree of risk.

Just click on the image and the exciting world of income generation will be revealed.


If you are still reading this you are wasting time with me, I have shown you why Affiliate marketing is getting harder and offer you a safe passage to a new destination. One you can be proud of.
I have been writing blogs for several years and will continue on that journey using good affiliate contacts but also gathering income from a second source.

I use Wealthy Affiliate as my base product, to manage my websites and gain an affiliate commission

If your affiliate marketing fails then sell the course |by Peter Hanley

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