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Webtalk, Scam alert

Webtalk Review – Is it a scam

Webtalk Scam alert. The latest scam or the best thing to come to market Will, you make money or lose a load. Here we cover the issues

I am in some doubt about this new product. I have taken the time to consider it further

Website: Webtalk. co
Price: Free forever Plan (with options to upgrade for additional services soon)

Owner: RJ Garbowicz is listed as The Founder and CEO

Webtalk Introduction

This is a product that should equal Facebook in its reach and provide valuable income from the Beta testers.
Unfortunately, they have been making these claims for nearly 10 years without achieving a whole lot. Webtalk, Scam alert

It sounds great, the promises are exciting but something is wrong here.
I am a user and collecting the following but I have put the breaks on with concern.

 Webtalk, Scam alert

Pros and Cons

Pros of Webtalk Account

  • Free Forever Plan, well maybe?

  • Ability to Use on a personal and professional level.
    This is a good feature and you can have your lists

  • Opportunity to generate revenue through sharing content, well maybe?

  • Control what is seen by your contacts, perhaps

  • Develop new contacts for business. This works well.

  • The Founder is very active and provides a lot of videos and posts to help new users.

Cons of Webtalk:

  • It is not  NEW and pretty ordinary in appearance

  • Beta Mode could well be just a marketing ploy

  • Affiliate Programs are  promised but vague

Product Overview

The site is vaguely similar to other social media sites
And perhaps it comes as a Facebook copy with LinkedIn set up.

The user is listed with an extensive profile similar to LinkedIn.
The interesting part is that you can divide professional and personal profiles and what they can see.
However, they have a real opportunity to share you with the greater world if this is a scam. They say you will be able to see and share with other media in the future. This is a wait-and-see.

The pagers are littered, a bit harsh, and loaded  with ads
of interest, you have recently clicked.
I suppose this is ok to income build the site but distracting.

The site is hard to use.


See more on this Webtalk Product Demo

Affiliate Program


The affiliate program is coming and provides endless opportunities to make money. They have a five-level income tier that seems to be all the rage at the moment. (see

This looks great and leads to instant wealth with a great big What if.
It is not, however, a pyramid scheme if this concerns you. This method has been proven to be a Multilevel income program

As of today (October 2018), Webtalk’s affiliate program has not been launched and will not be available until some time in the future.

People can only join by invitation so this starts the linking process and supports the algorithm-building process.

Webtalk claims great growth with Alexia ranking in the top 33, 000 websites around the world.

Webtalk says they will offer the best of all worlds into one site. The best on Facebook, the best on LinkedIn, and a host of other ideas.
There is talk of a CRM system ( Slack) and cloud hosting (Dropbox) where both CRM and hosting are chargeable markets. I believe the charges will start and you might make some money.

To the members and users at the site, the company is allowing all users to build a group of affiliates by referring people to the site. You can join for free and invite others to join for free right now. Everything is tracked through the system. When the affiliate program is ready, you can simply join and earn from the people you introduced to Webtalk.


I have joined  Webtalk and I see friends from the Wealthy affiliate on the site that is sufficiently savvy to understand this is OK.
I am also starting to see RED flags being waived over the promises on the site and poor quality presentation. Plus the time they have been around
in Beta mode without a real product

At this stage, I am a fence sitter. However, I suggest you proceed with caution. It is free at this stage but upgrades are coming, no affiliate program yet so let’s keep in touch as we investigate this further.

You need an invite from someone that is already a member. I would be happy to send you an invite and answer your questions. – Here is the Link to your invite

Webtalk, scam alert by Peter Hanley


image of authorPeter Hanley

PS: The free training at  The Wealthy Affiliate covers many of these issues and teaches you all the necessary skills to understand. Webtalk scam alert exposed

Webtalk Scam alert by Peter Hanley

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  1. Robert J Garbowicz

    The CEO Robert J Garbowicz (started going by RJ after he was convicted) has been giving the same pitch here in St. Petersburg for 9 years. He raises money every other year, and starts over with a new team, leaving a mess of unpaid bills. Meanwhile he lies about the performance the website to employees, affiliates and prospective investors. At this point, it’s safe to wonder whether this company exists solely raise money for his salary. He’s considered a fraud around here.

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