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Is writing a blog important?

Is writing a blog important?

Is writing a blog important? Here Peter Hanley discusses blog writing and the change it can have on your business success for the long term.

Why write a blog

Th purpose of a blog is many folds but mostly to maintain a band of followers that buy from your website. Let’s begin at the end and realise that we are trying to sell a product online and that our website is the vehicle of choice.

Social media, blogs and similar all take people to your website to be sold.
So your blog is a tool to get attention, gather interest and build desire.

Who do you write a blog for

So we now understand why we are writing a blog and will continue to use this end result knowledge in building the word scape to create interest.

Target interested readers with a good Keyword and interest.


What are the results of writing a blog

A blog is all about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. When Mr Google recognises you as having an effect on the reading community he elevates you in the search engines so more people read your blog, then go to your sales page and buy a result.

Without this interaction, you are missing out on traffic and as you know traffic is important, the number of visitors that may buy something eventually.

So a Blog is a delivery mechanism for traffic.
When your readership grows and you get a lot of followers some will sell advertising on the blog. You have seen it, a nicely written story with pop up ads everywhere. That is because the blog writer gets a financial hit when an add is looked at.
You will still find a redirect to the main product of the writer probably to read more blogs and see more adds.

The internet is an advertising medium use it to your best interest.

A Blog and Social media

Social media is entertainment but contains a business element. You can use social media to drive readers to your website. You don’t use a website to drive people to social media, there is nothing to buy there. My belief is that Social media and a blog perform a similar role. they entertain the reader and deliver them to a selling page. They do this whilst helping your total SEO. So, yes you have both.
Remember, people get lost on Social media. They read your post and then wander off in all directions reading rubbish and being stimulated by gossip and nicety of family picks.
you don’t want readers to get lost you want to funnel them in a direction, a direction that ends in a sale.

Pictures in a Blog

Is writing a blog important?

Pictures work everywhere, that is why Instagram achieves a result. A warning though use pictures that have a purpose and link to the content. Or perhaps a pretty girl working on a blog.

Also headings in a blog

Similarly, headings are also important as many read headings until their interest button gets a hit. Start from an H1 or 2 and work down

Links in a Blog

Hey, a link in a blog might just take them somewhere else and never see them come back.
So you need to be selective in your linking to retain the reader focus on your product.
You can link to another website and bring them back when they have satisfied the reason for the search>
Yes, you can link to your website and keep them heading to the finish line.
As I have said above, never take them back to a social page and lose them in entertainment

Linking to authority sites is good because Google likes that and they are not selling against you I use Wikipedia a lot to explain situations.

Backlinks are great and important but that is a subject for another time.

In conclusion

Is writing a blog important? Sure is and now you need a few more tools to help you. The free training at The Wealthy Affiliate will take you by the hand and make you a master.

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