7 Reasons Why You Fail so Miserably at Online Marketing

7 Reasons Why you fail so Miserably at Online Marketing and have never amounted to Anything. It is really not that hard so let’s look at the why

Choosing the right product

Whether it be your own product, someone else’s or an affiliate offer it needs to be promoted correctly.

It is important to understand that people don’t buy products. They buy what it will do for them or how it will help their lifestyle.
Selling benefits is the backbone of marketing so the sooner you stop flogging products the closer to success you will be.
Have a look at your market and think about what they want. It may be lazing on a Beach surrounded by beautiful people. Not a cheap airline ticket that everyone knows about.
Insurance gives you peace of mind and motor Vehicles give you a lifestyle.
Therefore an average product can be turned into a Diamond that everyone wants.

Finding a way to market

There are web pages, squeeze pages, Funnels, emails, SMS, Social media and blogs that are all valuable ways to get customer attention.
You need to choose your principal activity and give it your all.
Trying to do everything at one time is too hard as it takes time that is spread too thin.

Email is still king because they are easy to do and you can set it up for a long period to go automatically.
However, you will have a favourite among the group that you will make as your weapon.

Consistency pays

Whatever you do it must be done every day. It is no good being shy about this. All the good high-profile marketers are blasting out material every day.

It is a matter of providing enough exciting information to get a reaction. Remember people don’t buy products they buy what it will do for them.

Getting traffic

7 Reasons Why You Fail so Miserably at Online Marketing

The best products in the world won’t sell unless they have a viewing audience. That is why a continual flow of new subscribers is necessary to complete this initial part of the program. Your list will grow a value of its own and return your income for years to come.

A good list can be used in many ways but it is important that you communicate on a regular basis even when not selling. A good way to do this is with a nice Newsletter that informs and entertains but is very light on selling. Choose a regular period like every two weeks and send it out to anyone you can. The returns may not be immediate however you are building that Know Like and Trust trilogy essential for sales.

Expand your authority

This may be an area that is ignored by most however Google rates this right up the top of the list. Make sure you either have the relevant authority or you borrow it from someone else. By referring to authoritative articles it shows you have done the research necessary to be able to give a reliable solution. A cheap solution is Wikipedia where you can add links to answer basic questions.

Overselling and article lengths

This is an interesting area because Google has recently realised that most readers are attention deficit and you can only keep them for a short time. In fact, Google has now recommended a Blog post should be no more than a five-minute read when it has always counted in words. The average number of words in the past year was around 1400 but five minutes comes in just under 1000 words.
Because Google knows these things we can use the same theory in all our marketing. Short and direct is a new way.

User intent has bypassed Keyword dominance

We have harped on about Keywords for so long that it should be instilled in the brain of every marketer.
But now think about some of the variables;

Does the reader want to go somewhere?
Do they wish to buy something?
Perhaps they are looking for answers
Even finding a local shop or event.

It is no good selling items to a reader that is looking for directions, they will just log out. Therefore understand what you are trying to market and the reader you want before you write a simple word.

Don’t market product market feelings

There is no doubt that people buy on feelings. It may be fear, love, Security, lifestyle or any of the many emotions we have in our lives. We want those emotions catered for so that we can feel good about what we are doing.

Sports drink manufacturers don’t sell products they sell what you get from them. There are hundreds of sports drinks promoting pleasure, performance sustainability even association. It is interesting that Logan Paul was chosen to introduce yet another high-sugar fix and that the kids are clamouring to buy it for the association.

When it is all too hard and you want to give up

This is a place we have all been and it sometimes takes a while to break through. However, there is now a solution that covers all your shortcomings and does it all for you. This is almost a passive income solution or set-and-forget marketing. I would not normally recommend a product like this but this one is really very good. They do all the hard work for you and provide a way to make a great income. The suggestion is $10,000 a month in three months which I think is personally overcommitting but they do add consumers to your package to ensure your income starts from day one.

This is by M Cheney, a 20-year veteran that has made a bundle of money and wants to change the world.

The apprentice program

This really sets out as a done-for-you program that just wants you to help with getting new consumers. It is so good I took it on as that extra income stream. My Crypto portfolio had crashed. the share market was hard, and cash deposit interest rates disappeared so what else could I do?

Do nothing and what do you get

This is a world for action-takers and if you are happy on the couch grumbling about finances that is your world. However, if you want to step out of the square and really make a different life for yourself and your family then this is the way.
A product, a way to market, some customers and a ton of communication to keep you on track. You won’t get this anywhere else.


I have given you things to think about that maybe hinder you from achieving your goals and an alternative for those that want that bit more.

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