Starting an internet business

When you are starting an internet business there are simple basic steps and rules that you must do to have any chance of success.

starting an Internet business

Instant Wealth, fame and fortune await you.

Also, the Tooth Fairy is real, Father Xmas won’t come if you are naughty and no more wars ever.

However, everything is possible with basic skills, training and hard work to achieve a long term goal and a real income.

Furthermore, there is a difference between work hard and work smart which starts at the beginning.

The Internet is a big world comprising many opportunities in a variety of ways that need defining down to what you want, need or commit too.

When you leave school you look at the job market and make a decision, or in fact, the job market makes a decision for you.

We all have skill sets that steer you in a direction that can enhance your abilities and provide a platform for growth.

The Internet world is the same and there is a place that you will fit nicely into and like an inspiration it will appear to you and envelop you to a career.

A few basics to start the ball rolling

Learning to drive is difficult and you don’t become any good for some time. You not only need to know what a car is, but gears and indicators, road rules and Weather conditions to name a few things.

Internet is the same, you have the vehicle, your computer but what are we going to do with it.

Web Pages, SEO, Funnels, blogs. Perhaps social media with Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.
Email, advertising, promoting, training and more.

Learn a little about them all before picking the direction on your internet journey. You will use them all at some time so the basic skill set is necessary.

A warning on the internet

While the internet is full of opportunities for you the waters are also thick with Sharks willing to take your money and deliver little value.

I want to protect you from throwing money at getting rich schemes by applying some understandings at the start of your journey with basic training

Affiliate selling is all the rage and growing

Affiliate selling is when you sell someone else’s product and get a commission. Simple and basic stuff really and Amazon has built an Industry on this.

The trick to this is that you have to prove you can sell stuff before anyone gives you a chance. You need a web page or marketing funnel to be recognised.

This is why basics are so important.

Yes, you can do Social media but monetising it is another issue altogether. Paid Advertising can strip your bank balance with ease if you do it wrong.

You need to know about retargeting and linking to have a chance in the market and you need to learn these skills early.

Not to mention niches and Keywords and a dozen other bits that must be mastered.

Give yourself a chance by adopting basic skills.

I am not trying to scare you here. My only purpose is to provide you with an ability to be objective in your choices and to move through the cycle quickly to get the first successful stones laid.

I love the internet, it is an infectious virus that can take over your life and turn you into a hunchbacked hermit tapping away at a keyboard night and day.

Maybe a bit over the top there but you get my meaning. It is a great way of life part or full time, plaything or income-generating monster.

You chose your endGame

Can you make it with Social Media alone

Yes, you can and have a career or massive sales boost to business.
Even in these times most people and I include businesses don’t understand the reach of Social media.
In addition, if a business is not involved they are losing sales to someone else.

You can help them achieve a level of media dominance with a few basic skills.

As I deal with small business on a daily basis I see the level of incompetence first hand. I also see businesses that excel in the use of Social media to blow away the competitors and suck in business from others.

Social media is that strong,

My friend, a home wife with three kids does Facebook marketing to earn an annual income.
She only has a few selected clients that pay her monthly to promote their businesses on Social media.

Ok, what about Amazon then

This is an interesting ambition and actually takes quite a few skill sets to get it right.

In fact, Amazon has its own university that you can go to. I admit to not conquering Amazon although I do play with it selling products on a Facebook page based around rescue cats

It is small change stuff done to keep in touch with the market. Five per cent on a $20 product won’t make you rich. What can happen however is when someone enters Amazon through your link and buys a $10,000 product. It does happen but so does the lottery.

What about an email then?

Again you need some core principals behind you to have a reasonable blast at this.
I love emails and send about 20,000 a month for a couple of businesses in which I am associated with.

One great entry point is newsletters to a customer client base. Business people never have time for this but they should, it works and stops their customers wandering off to someone else.
With a good programme, it is then all copy and pastes stuff around a few headings. Probably take 1.5 hours if you are slow and pick up a Hundred bucks earnings.
Not bad work if you can arrange a few customers.

It is relatively easy to get a payback for the client

Now back to the start

I will recommend training for you at Wealthy Affiliate. Nothing to pay nothing to lose. Pick a subject and go into some of the training or start at the online Entrepreneur certificate course

This training can equip you for a future online knowing what you are doing and best of all before you spend a Brass Razzoo.

It is not difficult and the timing is yours, From an hour a day to full-time study, the choice is entire with you.

What is the catch?

The only catch is that you may want to join the full program at $47 a month with up to 50 website hosting included.
Not basic stuff, full best of class hosting.
Web builder
Live Training

The list is long so why waste time reading when you could be but up into the first course.

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