Do cold emails work

Do cold emails work

Do cold emails work? The answer is yes and the answer is no and the third answer is that it may be illegal to spam cold emails so work out what you want and follow a few rules of engagement.

I do cold emails in a few ways that I trust and I don’t break the law and get into jeopardy.

However email marketing is the easiest cheapest and most straight forward way to customers.

Do not spam emails

One way I tried was to get a call center in India or the Philippines to contact a particular demographic with a simple statement and question. “Hi’ I am from XYZ and we have just introduced a product that will support your business.
Can I send some basic details to you at (email address) so that you can pass it on to the right person?
Thank you and have a good day”

Now you can do this yourself by spending say 45 minutes a day to build a list of about 1000 subscribers over a month.
Or hire cheap labour to work the numbers. 22 hours at say $10 an hour is $220 a small investment if you hate the phone.

Use an Autoresponder

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Plug them into your Autoresponder and follow up on the clicks.

One other way is to select a niche and send a personal email introducing your self and the product.
On the bottom of the email have a line saying something about the next mail.

this is where your headline writing skills come in. A really interesting headline.

Also at the bottom indicate how you found them and tell them to please unsubscribe by answering no thanks to you wont be offended and you part friends.

Then you put them in the autoresponder series.

Niche target

I have just done this with 500 Chiropractors. I achieved a 49% open rate and just two spam comments.
There were perhaps a dozen unsubscribe on the first email with several saying thanks for thinking of them.

This was all built on 25 emails a day and then putting them in the series, about 45 minutes tops.

My emails discussed topics that were general to the group, SMS, messaging, after hours support etc to obtain a good readership.

Every morning I go through my emails and delete those I am not interested in without reading them. I look at the sender name and content and make a 2-second decision. Delete or read.

By introducing your self and telling them what you have coming keeps you in mind. I mail every weekday but sometimes miss a day.

The important issues are Subject lines, your identity even before content.

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