Elementor Review

A great funnel or page builder comes at a cost. Here we look at a new page builder that works with WordPress and do an Elementor Review on the free version.

What is Elementor?

Elementor was launched pre-2015 as a live website builder using the WordPress platform. I, like many others, would love to pay for Click Funnels at a couple of hundred a month but can’t bring myself to pay the price.

Elementor fits my Budget with the free version and three upgrades $49 for one site$99 for three sites and $ 199 for as many as you want. In Fact, discounted as we speak by 150%.

image Elementor logo
Word Press web page and funnel builder

Elementor v Gutenburg

WordPress 5 and its later upgrades have changed the field slightly as the Gutenberg version of WP is now a block builder.
I changed to WP 5 because I believe it is a great advance but then found I needed more. I wanted to build funnels like the Pros, at a cost like the newbies so I went searching for more.

I am not the most skilled at the art form of pretty sites and my prior attempts ended in failure. Mostly because the learning curve was too great.

Learning Gutenberg led to Elementor

I decided to embark on site building on one of my trainer sites with Elementor to test the water. Did I succeed? I think so but only because of the great training video that introduces the build.
I watched the video as the instructor built a site live right from the start. I would then pause the video and copy what they had done.
My first attempt here
The block builder is similar to WP5  so that bit was easy to move on but adding colours, fonts and sizing came a bit harder. I managed the basics as I copied the tutorial.

WP5 made pretty

Word logo
Aint pretty

When I do a page or post I have a choice of using Elementor, Gutenberg or Classic Editor depending on my needs. Editing is similar and all the usual accessories are there.
I use either Yoast SEO or All in one SEO, even both sometimes as the Plugins of choice for SEO and writing. They work on all formats so there was no change there.
Playing with colours, fonts and sizes makes the site look a whole lot better.

Adding media to your site

Everything works as it should, in fact in even enforces the need to add alt tags and change picture sizes with ease. You can position where you like add captions and generally play the game.

I really like the easy gallery builder that draws interest

categories, tags, featured image blocks all still remain in place while building your site.

The management of colour

This is interesting with two fader blocks for colour and intensity whereas WP 5 has a simple colour choice which is not really pretty

The same with font colours your choice is bland  and really restricted but in Elementor the choice is easy and ranges greatly

Positioning is the same with many options more than just Right, Left, centre
to adjust the writing where you want it.

The big difference between WP and Elementor

First of all the editing on Elementor is in a side block whereas WP5 is on the page. Both are live and easy to manage once you get into it though swapping does take a mind shift.

The range of Options in Elementor leaves WP 5 for dead allowing so many more site-building techniques available to you.
Here is a list of Elementor inputs to make your site come alive

First a Hosting site

I use and recommend Wealthy affiliate as a host. Starting out you actually get a free site or two to build your experience.
You also get a bundle of training in setting up WordPress and the upgrade 
is simply to add more sites.
Elementor works really well with the site so it is a great duo 

Why am I writing in WP5?

Elementor is really a page builder or funnel builder although it could be used for blogging. I find WP 5 just as good for a blog page.

What’s Next with Elementor

As I am buying the paid version of Elementor I will do another post shortly on the benefits to us average folk. I am not a professional by any stretch, ok you noticed, but I love new things and this product is really worth a go. In fact, take out a free Wealthy Affiliate service, choose a paid domain or one of the available free ones, download Elementor and build a funnel for your self following the intro video. You won’t be sorry.

by Peter Hanley

I upgraded to WordPress 5

I upgraded to WordPress 5

I upgraded to WordPress 5, a very brave move considering the changes made but I came away with a positive feeling that all will be OK


I upgraded to WordPress 5

Considering that I upgraded to WordPress 5 a very brave move with the changes made but I came away feeling that maybe this is better than I initially thought.

If you are scared of WordPress 5 and Gutenberg take the journey slowly because it takes a considerable brain shift to get it going.
Gutenberg was a template to ease you into WordPress5 and no longer necessary.

The First thing to do on upgrading

Back up your website using a plug-in or save feature. This is just in case things go bad.
As I host at Wealthy Affiliate they back up for me so this is not a big concern 

You can use WP clone or Update plus plugins as a great free service


Now to download classic editor

The classic editor is a plugin for WordPress5. You can change to the old or new editor simply by activating or deactivating. This is particularly useful when updating old posts. Let’s stick with the new editor for the moment as we whizz through some of the changes.

The little + at the top left

This allows you to add all sorts of boxes to your site and is used every time you want to change a box.

  • Paragraph; The most used writing block
  • Headings; start big and work down
  • Images; import or use library
  • Gallery: this is a group of images
  • Quotes, Adio, covers, files 
  • Embed, this is new and for Youtube etc

When the little + appears you just select what you want to do. In the classic editor, this was fraught with problems as your paragraphs would blend with your headers requiring separation problems and fixes. This is one of my favourite fixes saving heaps of time.

Try to use every block

My first attempt was to try and use every block in my post so I could see how it worked. I could always delete later and you discover just how easy it can be.

I upgraded to WordPress 5

We must remember to fill in the alt image and any links you want. You can go back and right-click the box and edit at any time.

Now for a Gallery

In the past, I had always found this to be hard work but now it is very simple, click on the gallery and add pictures relating to the post

You can see I added words to the pictures to explain why they were there. This took but seconds

Peter Hanley said;

WordPress 5 is really easy and saves you a lot of time.

Testimonials in pages work really well and this one was easy because I am the author of my own destiny.
I also use and recommend a product called Wealthy affiliate and have completed the university degree there.

I used the custom HTML box and inserted my affiliate code supplied by WA. Again a simple process.

The word count

Over 300 words in a post are necessary over 1000 is good and over 1500 is great if you believe the experts. Furthermore, I always use Grammarly that checks on my spelling and writing as an essential free tool.

Where to find the word count

This one had me bamboozled for a while as it has moved from the bottom left of the page in a little box to the top left with a little (i) it said 754 words, 9 headings 16 paragraphs and 22 blocks. A heading and 5H# headings.

This is certainly an advantage over the old counter as it checks all the important points.

Using Yoast

Yes, Yoast is still there in a big Y up the top right criticizing my writing and giving me suggestions to improve my SEO. Once you have two green lights you are good to go. 
We all having writing styles and Yoast has made mine more positive over time to contribute to a better writing style. You just need to accept criticism and use it to your benefit.

Document panel in WordPress5

Before we finish here flip over to the document panel top right.  Here you will complete your categories, tags, visual header and a quick excerpt all to help with SEO. 

In conclusion

There are a few more things you can add in like music and embedded you Tube, but start with the easy stuff and get all that working before moving on. I hope I have given you some support in this new career as a WordPress blogger that has moved on.

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by Peter Hanley