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Easy steps to writing quality content for your blog ( Revealed)

This is the strategy of a writing journey to make a difference in results.

There is nothing that ranks better than quality content if you get your keyword right first of all.

Write content for the reader

Don’t we all write for the reader? Well, actually no, many of us write what we think is important and try and push ideas into inquisitive minds.

When you have something to say it is often expressed in a manner that does not answer the relevant question.

Remember you are either answering a question or solving a problem as the basis of blogging.

Include authority in your content

When your reader wants to know if you have the background to give relevant information then Google wants to know about this even more.
Google lives on the authority of the contributor and ranks you accordingly.
However, we don’t all have sufficient backgrounds to be considered capable of expressing good opinions. If you are writing about legal matters as a layman the general Lawyer, barrister, etc will outrank you every time.

Therefore you need to borrow some authority by quoting relevant opinions.

Providing that authority supports your opinion it will work for you. Authoritative figures can be anyone with a background in the subject. Interestingly Wikipedia is recognized as an authority because it was built on user input.
Quoting Wikipedia will help your work

How do beginners write content

Whilst practice makes perfect you must also understand the rules of writing by taking an online course. This will save a lot of time later on.

How do you write good content?

Good content always addresses what the reader has searched for. So answering questions and solving problems are great first steps to take.

Google ranks on user intent and not just a keyword

Easy steps to writing quality content for your blog

This is important because you really need to put your information into a relevant basket.

Is it;

Commercial. Maybe a quote, best buy solutions, etc

Transactional. Where to buy and how to pay

Navigational, Take me to Google maps

Informational. How to, why, when type responses

If you place yourself in the wrong box you are behind from the start.

You must satisfy the readers with your writing

This is another important step that has changed with the recent Google updates.
If your page has a low reader rate and high drop-out rate then you will be pushed down from page one into potential oblivion.

Therefore your time on page statistics available from your analytical reports is critical in your page position. If other pages in the same group and with similar intent hold the reader’s interest better than you they will rate higher in the search results.

Avoiding early popups

These may be advertising pops, selling your eBook, or simply name gathering. However, they are very annoying to the reader and many will abandon your page.

If you must do these bring them in late and well down the page so that they don’t take from the reading experience.

Popups are annoying however they do have an important role in blogging but use with discrimination and consideration of the reader.

Pictures and eye candy

The attention deficit skim readers need something to pull them up. Therefore a nice image will bring them to a spot on the page that they are most interested in. However, you must be mindful of image size as the bigger versions will not hold sway on a mobile device.

Similarly loading images at the end of sentences takes up valuable page real estate.

Linking a post is important but so is the placement

You are told to include several links that are both internal and external as well as your affiliate ones spread over the page. However, placing them close together gets them mirrored on a mobile device so both become valueless and distract from your google result.

Bing remains keyword independent

Whilst Google has moved to artificial intelligence Bing and Yahoo have remained in the traditional method of exact match keyword search. As a writer, this creates a degree of difficulty trying to meet different demands.

Google still likes Keywords throughout the content so satisfying the needs of both can be resolved.
The Chinese search engine Baidu has followed Google however the Russians are staying with tradition at Yandex. The other smaller engines are all niche ones that do not cover mass searching.

YouTube is also a search engine

Youtube is searched nearly as often as Google and more than Bing and Yahoo combined. Furthermore, its page time ranks very high as viewers find new and interesting places to treck to watch all sorts of different content.

However large embedded posts really upset the small mobile devices and Google rankings so linking is often better.


This ranking business is one hell of a game that requires a lot of attention and having very good background to the rules. However constant change requires further training to stay ahead.

Easy steps to writing quality content for your blog (revealed) by Peter Hanley

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SEO and word press

SEO and word press

SEO and WordPress would seem like a major challenge. WordPress is a free website builder working on an open platform enabling many add-ons and valuable inputs

In addition with just a few concepts, you can be an expert in word press, SEO and furthermore get results.

SEO and Word press
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to have your website ranked and have visitors connected to you or your business.

Anyone can do this providing you undergo some training and trialling.


Plugins are tools that make your life easy by connecting you to a selected area. Available on any WP site you have a choice of tens of thousands of plugins tested over a long time.

An example is “an all in one SEO plugin” What this does is guide you on the things you need to do to get your site ranked for SEO. It is a follow the bouncing ball system that anyone can do.

Another example is Yoast SEO with over 1 million installations. This plugin tells you how to write and what to do so that your SEO can be achieved. Antispam, sales, accounting, forms, shops, the list is endless.

SEO and word press

Webmaster tools

To enhance your SEO to an even greater degree Both Google and Bing help you to achieve results and show you statistics and trends to help guide your future.

You can use google analytic or a plugin to do this. Every time someone comes to your site you can see all the details so you understand fully the return on your actions.


Keywords are the connector to the world, They can be short like a name, Amazon, ” Nike” or any brand that will take you to a website. They can be expanded to “Nike Running shoes” to take you in a new direction or even “Nike running shoes for ladies and pricing in US dollars” When you type a keyword it takes you to a choice of sites

think about the last time you searched and what you achieved.

Create a free site

Finally, if you want to try this for free create your own site and get all the training you need to go from rank amateur to expert in a short time. Learn all about the above topics in easy paced training both visual and written with no payment.

SEO and word press


Both WordPress and SEO go together as one. Therefore they need the support of many other inputs to achieve any degree of acceptance.

Seo and wordpress


Is word press difficult to use?

Is word press difficult to use

Is word press difficult to use?

Is word press difficult to use? Yes, it sure is but like any skill, it can be made very easy for you. Have a look at this free page builder idea to start the journey now.

Is word press difficult to use

We don’t expect you to believe in the unbelievable but it can be done.

If I am a Septuagenarian ( that’s over 70 years old) and have built several sites following the free training at Wealthy Affiliate and you can too..

I started the journey of learning so that I could understand the whole system with some clarity.
The internet world is filled with hucksters willing to take your money and to avoid wasting money your Knowledge is your Power

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Buying a course

You will often see courses advertised at silly amounts like $7.00 only.

In this business is a thing called Upsells. Once you pay your entry you must continue to buy more and more.

In fact, one course I subscribed to had a starting fee of just $29. Within a short time of selling me on the wonderful opportunity, we were at a  $1900 Investment and it went on from there.

It is Horses for courses but you need some basics to understand the good from the bad.

Is word press difficult to use

If you are happy with the Wealthy Affiliate and wish to go to a level that includes Hosting. training and affiliate sales you do have a monthly fee.

Link to Wealthy affiliate

That is it. No upsells, no cross-sells, no bright shining objects what you see is what you get.

In these days of instant gratification understand that the Internet world is a big learning curve and you won’t do it in one day.

You will, however, be able to keep up with the best if you are willing to commit some time and effort. Not Money, it does not buy results.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a community site where you can ask questions,

make comments, post blogs, build training and lots more. Here is what Darren had to say.

How good is Wealthy Affiliate?

What Darren had to say.

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While there is so much to learn in this business, it’s great to be learning new skills. Not a day goes by where I don’t acquire new knowledge. The community here is unbelievable and selfless. Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed, and I believe that’s the true heart and driving force of Wealthy Affiliate.”

No way I could have said it better.

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   Is word press difficult to use, image of author

Thanks for reading
Peter Hanley