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Telemarketing tips small business

The best way to telemarket for business success.

Telemarketing tips small business

So you want telemarketing tips small business and need a bit of advice? Well, let’s start from the top.

Do you know the rules?  What rules? Well first up is the anti Spam calling particularly with domestic calls. Best you Google your country rules before you start.

Marketing to business

I know we are talking about business calls here so let’s get on with finding those best ways.

  • It all starts with your list, how current it is and how targeted it can be. If you are not calling the correct people you are whistling Dixie as they say. You can’t sell me something I don’t need or want, end of story. You will waste both our time.
  • The next is your opening sentence, you are lost with the wrong words and are wasting time if you get someone offside to start. I hate “how you are today” or “how’s your day going”
    I know you don’t give a toot and I sure as hell don’t want to share with a stranger.
    As a business person, I want to know who is calling and basically what you want to talk about. I am busy I don’t want fluff, just get to the point.
  • An opportunity exists to say why you are calling but insert the fact you are local and not one of those awful overseas marketers that drive us all mad
  • Ask questions so you establish a need. Do you have? Would you consider?  How do you think type leading questions?
  • Reminder it is about them not about you.

  • Telemarketing tips small business

Know like and trust

We all buy from people we know like and trust so you need to get there quickly, but how you ask?

A referral from a friend or associate is a great door opener, we talk to you because we know straight away you are good to deal with because our associate said so. Know and trust done.

A reference to a prior contact.  Something like an email see ( Warm calling) letter or contact with another staff member. Know done but we need a bit more work here to get trust and like

A polite introduction to who you are, what you want and importantly what you want them to do
Accept an email
make an appointment
Further phone calls when they have time

When you can gather some background on the person you are calling that always works well. If you understand the callers business and where they are going you will get respect. This can be introduced early because you develop a common interest.

Be friendly but business-like.  They are not your mate and at this stage don’t want to be.

Do you use a script?

I certainly recommend a basic script as a prompt for everything you want to get across in a conversation.

I don’t believe in reading word for word because when you are taken off track you get lost and start the Umming and arring.

Make adjustment as you go but remember one size does not fit all

Tick off your Know,  like and trust points when you have them covered,  it may take more than one call depending on what you are presenting or selling

Finally, a golden rule of sales. When the conversation is finished exit immediately but gracefully.
Don’t whatever you do oversell the situation. If you are told NO the answer is NO.

Move on to the next one on the list.

In conclusion, there is a better way to make money in your spare time.

Telemarketing tips small business, a part of the marketing training.

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Telemarketing tips small business


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