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The power of words

The power of words

or Really important ways to better writing.

Don’t you admire a wordsmith that tells stories that elicit excitement and anticipation of something greater to come in the article That you are reading?

I fell right out of bed with the excitement of a promise to come that may help me be a wordsmith.

Yes, I write some poetry, albeit pretty basic stuff to pass my emotions to paper often unseen and unread but the reason for writing was to rid my soul of something I wanted to say.

Writing to complain

Have you ever wanted to vent on someone so bad that it takes control of you?
Well, the answer is to write it like you would say it, Shout on paper, swear, say nasty things and anything that crosses your mind. Then Read it out loud. Now rip it up, burn it or put it in the shredder and walk away. Job well done.
Your life reclaimed.

Headlines make a difference

I post to a Facebook page on rescue cats, pretty simple stuff to entertain the cat lovers but it has taken a life of its own.

The posts are simple cat pictures but a short headline gets the readers. The difference can be hundreds of shares in a good one-liner.

This is a great find to help your headline

At co-Schedule, they have a headline tool that rates your headline on several factors. Now, this may not seem so important but it makes a difference in whether people read your stuff or not. My Headline that read

“Really important ways to better writing”  scored 78% which means more people will take notice. You can do this on emails as well to score a lot higher.
This is a free tool and is really very powerful. Just log in and scroll to the bottom of the page. No need to subscribe or Join

When writing a post you can write it to a single person.

The power of words

A lot of Blog writers use this to tell a better story. Choose a person that your blog may interest then wright to them.
Dear Alice,
I want to tell you how I feel about the power of words. Trallala.

It is important that you remember to remove the dear Alice when you post.
I used this recently in a post on something I was doing and not really communicating with friends and family about my project. If I failed I did not want the “I told you so” returns so just plodded away on my own.

I then wrote a 2000 word post that explained my why of doing things and what I hoped to achieve. I was quite happy with the post.

The AIDA principle

I have always worked on the AIDA principle of writing when I can.


is the heading and the first Paragraph. If you don’t grab them here they are gone before they start.


as they start to read give them something interesting that will keep their attention and maintain the reading flow.


Tell them about how others have achieved great results and how they can see their dreams unfolding before them


You are writing to achieve a purpose and that purpose should be made very clear and clearly lay out just what you want them to do.

Why am I writing this blog? I want you to join me in a group that achieves success in Internet marketing, a group that values writing and the Internet is their life. I am coming to that.

The hotspots of reading

A recent article on the page set up indicated people read in three hot spots on the page. If those areas were not interesting they would quickly pass.

The Hotspots were an F pattern.
That is the opening Paragraph, The interest and down to the bottom of the page before they escape.

How many words does a picture tell?

Another writer asset is a picture. If you want attention then use a great picture that will attract viewers. I love using Donald because he is news  and we all Love / Hate him for our own reasons

Pictures of Girls, I believe work the best because both men and women are drawn to them for different reasons.

Learn the art of mystery

Now, this is a hard one to do well and keep your reader on edge looking for the answer. Why did I fall out of bed with a promise to come was at the start of the blog and soon I must deliver or you will leave disappointed?

Descriptive prose

I love those that can write beautiful descriptive prose that makes a girl blush and a man embarrassed. They could do this as they use a beautiful sunbathed beach setting, palms gently swaying to the sound of a lone Ukulele being played by a bronzed Islander intent on luring the lady to his side. The gentleman though was no slouch, rich beyond reason and a body honed by long periods in the Gym. His good looks had long been a problem although the bent and slightly crooked nose betrayed that he was capable of violence when required. He was not going to lose the girl.
Wish I could write more of that.
I am not good at Descriptive as I am a more to the point type of guy.

Using headings to best effect

Finally, we get to headings. This is important depending on what you are writing. I read a few fiction novels and some to a new chapter every few pages whilst others just keep going on. Headings are the same with a great exception.

People read headings.

Yes, that’s what I said and It is what I do because I am busy and only read things that are different or interesting and headings do it for me every time.

This is depending on what you are writing off course but they are important.

Finally, I want you to join our group of writers that are all trying to use their skills to make some money on the internet. It will cost you nothing to join and learn or teach It is your call. The Wealthy Affiliate

Peter hanley

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