Top viral videos

Top Viral Videos with the pros

Top viral videos can be made by you with the correct tool from The Samurai group that does all the hard production work for you. A free trial explained in detail by Peter Hanley Top viral videos


You can create a professional video within a short time with no prior experience, here we tell you how.


Ok, there are a lot of Video builders, some free,  some cheap and some over the top.

Most are very difficult to use and require some guidance to even get you started.

Many of you are too shy to appear on Video but really want to show off a product.

70% of visits from video

Videos really help websites with SEO and customer acquisition and that is why you will see massive traffic promoting new video builders. Right now over 70% of all web traffic comes from VIDEO

Like you I have been hesitant to try this out because of all the difficulties that go with it.

Studios and music, cameras and Mikes the list, and the cost are prohibitive to the casual user.

I have bought a camera that was recommended by one group that is a total waste.

I also don’t like my own image projected to the world, it needs someone a lot younger and better looking than me standing in front of a camera.

Noble Samurai

My search took me to Noble Samurai a company I had long used for SEO and website keyword s and extras when they

Top viral videos

introduced a free trial of the new Video builder. Wow I thought this is really good
So I did a couple of videos and the results were quite good. They added the background and some music so
the effect was good.

Fast forward 12 months and a couple of upgrades later and you have a product that is excellent.

It is hard to believe the result from just a bit of effort. Ok I wrote the script and pressed a few buttons, recorded my voice and saved it.

They added a background picture that matched the wording, trimmed all the slides, added music and it was ready to download.

Now to Youtube

The next was my YouTube channel if you don’t have one I recommend you set one up it is free and quite easy.

I logged into YouTube,  my download video in MP4 format was moved to the download button on YouTube and it was set up. That was easy.

I grabbed the link from YouTube and inserted it into my webpage for anyone to download.

In fact, I actually went to Canva free graphics and made a little sidebar widget to put on this page.

All this is included in the Training at Wealthy Affiliate all free but that’s a story for another time.


Learn how to build a Video in 30 minutes and get a free trial subscription


Top viral videos



Real quick from the Samurai himself

If you want to generate traffic online, then you NEED this tool.

Top viral videos

Here’s why…

Right now over 70% of all web traffic comes from VIDEO, and by the end of next year, it’ll be over 74% – which is just insane!

If you have been avoiding video marketing because you didn’t want to get on camera or you thought it was too complicated – this tool is perfect for you…

It is hands down the easiest way I’ve seen to create traffic-generating videos quickly…

So, if you’re going to need traffic in this year, this is how you’ll get it…

Speak soon,

Peter Hanley

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