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Understand Google analytics


You must Understand Google analytics if you are serious about SEO and websites. We look at the fundamentals and necessary blocks to success

This is not a comprehensive guide to Google analytics because neither of us has that much time
It is just a few tips to get you started here at Newbusinessonline

First off all do you use analytics and how do you start.

Signing into a Google account is really very easy and analytics is just one of the programs on offer.
You should have analytics’ for every website you own and actively monitor the results.

Your analytics account offers a code to be embedded at the top of your page or post. This is invisible to the reader and is simply placed at the top of the page.
Let’s just run through that; this is for WordPress and some others

Skip this section if you are using analytics now

Log into Google Analytics and sign in ( or start for free first)

Choose your account if you have more than one at the top right Picture
Then log in to Admin at the bottom left column.
The middle row should be Property settings under which is Tracker info.
Copy and paste the code and go to your web page or post.
At the top right, you have two boxes Visual and text.

Click on the text and go to the top of the page above everything else. Go up a couple of notches and add the word in brackets
<HEAD> then, directly underneath paste the code you copied from analytics. Update and carry on.

Now we have set Analytics we move on

There are a few important issues with your analytics account that show out and make the difference.

Understand Google analytics

The first is mobile verse Desktop percentage.

You should now write for Mobile readers because the Google ranking looks at mobile-first and ranks from there, it was the other way around until very recently but things change so change with it.

Bounce rate and Google analytics

The next is the bounce rate the lower the percentage means the more people that are actually interested in what you write. At 100% you are only getting trollers that mean nothing to you.
You can have massive traffic but no one comes in the door so do something about it. Change your header, review your content or more importantly review where traffic is coming from.

You must Understand Google analytics if you are serious about SEO and websites. We look at the fundamentals and necessary blocks to success

Your country and Analytics, does it matter?

You should also look at The country where readers are, Are you writing for a local area or worldwide.
I do one general site on Cats that was just a trial but aimed at my market in Australia. 80% of readers are in the USA so I have changed my writing to reflect situations and words that mostly fit that region.

Understanding Google analytics

What pages rate in analytics?

Understand Google analytics


And Finally, the pages report what people read, how long, and how often giving you an insight into your writing and whether you are entertaining them.

This is but a small percentage  of what analytics can do for you and there is a lot of information on the report page to troll through

Analytics is real-time but reporting the next day. You can see active readers live at any time but the day’s report follows. This can be adjusted.

Knowing your progress means you can make changes so look every day.
Google has a habit of doing mind-blowing things where your followers can be wiped out at any time.
If you understand what is going on you have a chance to correct the issue.

So take the top issues that concern you and by following the results make changes to improve your post /page.

I recently changed my Header and increased my readership by nearly 20%. I was just not getting an early bite and they were not taking the time to consume all my great content.

Keep tweaking until you have it right

To summarise this ;

1) You must have analytics on your site and check them daily.

  1. Target your audience and write to them
  2. Write to a mobile phone set up.
  3. Use Headlines and headers to get attention
  4. Maintain attention using great  Content
  5. Add videos to enhance time on the site.

Understand Google analytics by Peter Hanley

Understand Google analytics, image of authorPeter Hanley


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