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Wealthy Affiliate reviews

When looking at Wealthy Affiliate reviews they often miss the main points of consideration and what’s in it for you, Here Peter Hanley provides a deep insight.

What is Wealthy affiliate anyway?

The name does not describe what is behind a multi-faceted product that supplies the basic infrastructure behind every one using online marketing.
Here we will go through what it does do and why you need it.

I believe the very first benefit is WEB HOSTING.
You start with a free service and when you want to expand the cost is just $42 a month for up to 50 sites.

Wealthy Affiliate


  • Fast hosting
  • Free SSL security
  • Site health review
  • Database monitoring 
  • Malware and Virus Monitoring
  • Hacking and intrusion monitoring

Domain names

Comes  next as a subject. We all need a Domain name to build a Web, blog or Funnel. I have found that buying domains are cheap but renewals are dear. At Wealthy Affiliate, it is generally a fixed sum with only a minor if any increase. You can see a search tool here.


General benefit

  1. Low upfront cost.
  2. Low annual payments
  3. world wide selection
  4. Free with generic
  5. Hosting with domain holder
  6. Easy transfer out

Free Key word finder

If you think this is not important you need to duck down to the training and find out why.
A keyword finder is the most important tool in the box


What do you get?

Monthly traffic
Page one traffic
SEO rating
position rating
Competition annalysis

WordPress page builder

You can use the Classic Editor or the latest Block Editor changing when you want.
You can also use Plugin editors by others to enhance the page.
One I generally use is Elementor a free site that offers colour and clarity.


What is available 

You have the free versions of 
WP-5  Classic version and block builder.

Plus  Elementor for free to get  a better block experience and advanced use of colours

Where do I get more information on this?

Next, we will look at the training delivered by Wealthy Affiliate so that you have full working knowledge of web pages and How they work.
In Fact,
the training starts at you building your very first page competely free and setting it up to achive your niche and even make you some money.

Not sure what your niche is? No worries we hand hold you for every single step so that even the newest member can follow along.


Entrepreneur Cerificate

This is in written and Visual format with a small test and things to do after each lesson of about 40 minutes.


All the basics of web pages, and affiliate income.

This is self-paced learning that takes you from day one. For the more experienced you can jump lessons or fast forward to suit your need.

Bootcamp Learning

Now you are really moving along  in the learnibng curve

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7 Phase (70 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Daily blogging

Daily lessons from members and owners on a variety of subjects based around anything internet

Every day members record their thoughts on a variety of subjects. Many posts will help you with training, encouragement, motivation or new ideas.

Live Weekley Hour long training

I never miss these in live or replay because they take you in-depth into a different situation each week. Unfortunately, they are only available with a paid service. 
Most noteworthy is that these lessons alone are worth to small monthly investment

Paid members only

The content is worth the whole membership fee with the value adding so much to your knowledge and skill set

Training is a complete package

Think of a subject and you will find a range of courses by different individuals to walk you step by step to competition.
You are not force fed but you are encouraged to complete the basic certificate so that you can understand some of the more advanced processes of making money.

Affiliate income

Free membership Income.

Even as a new free member you are entitled to join the Affiliate income recurring revenue money making the plan.

Some restrictions apply but it is there for the asking

Paid Membership

Here you get full affiliate commissions for the life time of the member on monthly, 6 monthly and annual plans. Just a couple of refferals and you cover your monthly cost, for a life time. How good would that be

Is it possible to make money?

Every day ordinary people make a living from the training at Wealthy Affiliate. 
An annual competition runs for any member achieving 300 member refferals in a year. All expenses paid, yes Airfares as well,  to Las Vegas for an event you will never forget.
You can follow Little Mama a housewife from The USA or a 20-year-old kid from Taiwan. Perhaps Eddie an African American that has gone several times as a small sample of the achievers.
These are not made up referals  you can follow there own training and posts on Wealthy affiliate on a regular basis

What do you do now? of all put your credit card away, You are not going to need it.
Next, log into wealthy affiliate with your name and email and have a look around. Try a few things, take basic training, follow a couple of achievers and set your goals. Upgrade when you want to not when you are told. Here we discuss writing a basic business plan on a budget.

Are there any upsells?

This is an interesting discussion because basically there is no Upsells. I am sure you have bought a product on the market for a low $7 price only to find you need the $39 value pack and the $79 much better value and finally the $199 all in wonder program.

But no upgrades at Wealthy affiliate other than a cheaper price for longer payments periods.


That my friends is my promise

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Peter Hanley is my name and a long time member of Wealthy Affiliate. It comes with my personal recommendation  and guarantee

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