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Blog writing is hard to start and not everyone is a natural writer so here Peter Hanley looks at Blog writing tips for beginners and seasoned writers.

The most important parts of a Blog

  • Keyword and Niche
  • Traffic target
  • Subject line
  • Pictures
  • Headings and sub headings
  • Number of words
  • Spelling
  • Content
  • Links internal External
  • Positive writing
  • Short sentences
  • Yoast SEO

Ok that’s a big list so let’s break it down

Keyword Niche, Traffic and the subject line do make a difference.

As an example, my niche is Small business and internet marketing. I needed a Keyword that described my subject and then needed to check if anyone would read it. Then I searched for the right balance of traffic and competition and settled on Blog writing tips. You should always use a Keyword tool and the free one at Jaaxy does the job.
As a result, I know that this Keyword will get traffic of about 132 clicks a month so not bad but it is quite competitive to get to page one.
( see Jaaxy link below)

Are Pictures important in a blog or just a waste of space?

First up it is good to start with a feature image, something that provides instant attention-grabbing on the subject because you only have seconds to get them to read.



Blog writing tips

Next is to place visuals to pull the reader to attention and keep them on the site just a little longer

Remember it is important to use the Alt text box with your Keyword.

Headings and sub headings can make all the difference

Again designed to draw attention for the fast readers who like to scan the page looking for excitement. You should have no more than 300 words betwen headings.

Headings go down in size.
Start with an H1 or H2 then range down using smaller sizes. I like H3 for mine with a H4 sub if need be.


An interesting aside that may help

As I wrote this I suddenly realised I should go back and check my headings. Especially relevant was that I found them all to be boring. It is an easy habit to get into so I went back and put a bit of padding or interest in them.

Blog writing tips
Looking for inspiration

How many words should ther be in a blog?

The jury may be out on this. Yoast SEO will say at least 300 but more is best. My understanding from the successful bloggers I know anything under 1000 is not enough. 1500 is a good target.
I currently aim for +1000 and at this stage of the post am about half way so a bit of reading to go.

One thing that is certain is that short sentences and short pagragraphs are essention

Those dreaded spelling mistakes should just not be.

Google SEO hates spelling mistakes. Your readers will turn away with even minor blemishes yet your fingers are not always perfect . Mistakes will be made.


TaDa, along came Grammarly to save the day

The good part is that   
is a free product, yes you can upgrade to Pro at any time but the basic free product is really very good. I did a web site search yesterday looking for mistakes and there was not a registerd spelling mistake. That for an old bloke who is a really poor speller is remarkable.

blog writing tips


Your free spell checker

This is particularly good for those that English
is not a first language as it picks up Grammar and spelling offering suggestions.

We really do recommend this product to anyone who is writing .

The content of your blog is not important!

OK, I don’t really mean that of course it is important but most of the above items are more important. You can have the best blog on the net but if no one reads it your time is all wasted.
When writing a Blog and after I have done my Keyword research I like to put my headlines in first. Then writing is easy as you fill in the spaces.
You can finish at any time and come back and make changes. In this case I listed out the subjects and then created my headings.

Google does love lists so don’t be afrain to employ them at any opportunity.

Links are important to your SEO.

There are internal links where you link to either another part of your post or another blog you have written that has a refference to your current article. It may provide more information or fill in a subject.
External links go to an Outside source or what they call Authority links. An example could be Wikipedia to explain something.


How you do your links is really important to keep your reader.

This is not well explained in most teaching on the subject but is really important because you can lose your reader.
Let me explain. When you go page hopping your attention can be caught on all sorts of new stuff then when they opt out they are gone.


If you choose Open in new Tab on your link they will automatically come back to your site so they can resume reading. Wikipedia on links
With an online link, the three dots have it.

This is even more important if you link to Facebook, we all get lost in really interesting must-read stuff and our whole attention is gone.
I love Facebook Instagram and all the others but I don’t want you wandering off, you are mine until I deliver my sales pitch.
What? I am selling something. No, actually I am about to give something away that will benefit you for years to come.Therefore just keep going down the page.

Be positive in your writing for better results

Especially releant is this one is the hardest for me and takes me time to correct when I have finished the post or Blog. I have just done a test using Yoast SEO and today I have passed the test, a bonus. SEO demands you are positive about your subject and not wishy-washy.

Furthemore, you can search Google for this or have a look at this article that explains the art of positive writing

Yoast SEO and your writing

I can not do without Yoast SEO as a Word Press plugin. Because other than making sure your template is correct he marks your writing.

  • Transission list Tick
  • Paragraph list Tick
  • Sentence words Tick
  • passive Voice Tick
  • Fesch reading score ( over 80)
  • Subheading distibution Tick.
  • It is not always like this on a first run
  • Keyword and meta phrase is included.

I promised you a bonus and I am about to deliver.

The first is learning more on this subject and everthing Internet

Link to Wealthy Affiliate

Finally my recommendation is a product I use every single day. I host my site, I join the discussions, I search for answers and you can do it for free

The next is the Keyword Tool


Life does not get easier and cheaper searching Keywords, the most important part of your blog.

In conclusion, never start without a Keyword check. you may be wasting your time.

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