What business for me?

What business for me? A very common question as we seek to build our own future in doing what we love and earning what we want.

Pick something you love and never work another day.

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The actual quote is attributed to Confucius when he said

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
— Confucius

There is quite some conjecture about the origin of the saying and perhaps it was not he who said it but it still remains true to this day.
So let’s go for one more while we are at it.

You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal or To Dream a New Dream

CJ Lewis

At the humble age of 74, I am still learning and planning. I dream of new adventures and write a blog every couple of days in my interest group.

So whether you are 17 or 70 this applies to you.

What business are you in?

The simple answer may be that you are a Bricklayer or carpenter but the answer is wrong.

I had to face this reality recently after reading a book by Michael C Gerber called the E.myth revisited. Because I run a Message service for small businesses and when asked what I do I answer as such.
I run a message service for business.

First of all that is a product of my business among many similar products. So I went searching for an answer to my business description.

Bear with me here because this will relate to you and your business and how you will describe what you are looking for.
My first attempt was sales and support products for small businesses, Not bad I thought I can live with that but it still does not convey a feeling.
To cut it short I sell “peace of mind” we look after a side of the business you can’t control

Makes me feel good and my clients understand what they will receive.

How does the e.myth relate to you?

First of all the E.myth is the entrepreneurial myth
and all about succeeding in business It is about being in the 80% and not 20%

So what drives you? Perhaps you want to care for animals, and the environment, design snazzy clothes, be a better landscaper or work on the internet.

But bring it down to bite-sized ideas.

For example, the internet is a massive depository of ideas and opportunities.

  • You can build and repair computers
  • Maybe you can write software
  • Specialise in Website building
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social media
  • Blogging

Each of these is really different and requires very opposed skill sets. I have no idea of building computers or writing software but love doing websites and blogging. even Social media leaves me although I have become an active participant.
In saying that I confess to going on a journey with Social Media.

To learn about building and building a Social profile I looked for an interest that I had and could share with others.
having recently adopted a rescue cat I chose that as my subject. Then I chose a personality for my cat and a plan for posting. The idea was to get to 2000 followers.http://www.facebook.com/katiehan1616/

Now with over 5000 followers, it takes me all of 30 minutes a week to keep the site current and interesting.
I do it for the return I get from the followers and as an exercise that I can share with others

So more on you and less on me

What do you like, what are your interests and then develop from there?
When you discover your interest then break it down even further.
So you love animals, don’t we all but are the best one Horses or dogs, wild animals or snakes.

Horses have a specialist in riding, training, buckjumping, gymkhana, shoeing etc.

Then there are Racehorses, draft horses mini shetlands so even further down to a desire.

Specialising is the starting game. Unfortunately, you must also have an understanding of the whole horse before you specialise in Hoofs.

To understand the Internet you need some training
on all the basics. No matter what business you chose the internet will drive it.
All marketing is now internet-based, and all internet skills can be learned online.

One great place to start and finish is the training at Wealthy Affiliate. first of all, it is free to start and comes with a free webpage also has advanced training and the ability to make money well.

In conclusion,

  • Find your niche
  • Narrow it down
  • Do a bit of learning
  • Start the money-making journey
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