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Make Money Working from Home Online

Guaranteed ways to make money working online

You sit at your computer and think I want to make money working from home online.

First of all, where do you start?

Make Money Working from Home Online

Like anything in life, you need a bit of knowledge or you don’t stand a chance.

That is unless you go the easy way. Grab something old and put it on eBay, Gumtree or the local sales site and watch the sales go out the door.

You’re on Line, making money but will soon run out of things around the house. Scavenge for more great stuff and do the same.
When you get into the swing of things you can start buying from China.  Alibaba is a popular site where you can buy just about anything.

A warning, get samples and don’t bulk buy until you prove the concept, something sells some don’t. I have several boxes of hot products I would love to sell you. Yep, I overreached.

Make Money Working from Home Online- Shopify

This is done through Shopify, as one choice where you build your own shop on the web. Here you can sell anything you want, legal of course.
If you want to do this for free then get a WordPress site and use Woo Commerce but more on that a bit later.

When you want to make money working from home online the choices are endless and in each episode, in the series, we will explore a new way.

Working online can include the Internet, Facebook, Instagram or any of the leading social media form that is available in today’s market.

Facebook offers many opportunities for those wanting to sell on the internet.

Make Money Working from Home Online

One great way is to set up a group in a certain dynamic that you understand and process items through this. Or, even join a group run by someone else and ply your wares that way.

I have a friend that sells, of all things, USA car number plates. Buys them in bulk and advertises in the group. He adds other old items of an antique nature that can be bought and sold.

You can buy clothing wholesale. Books, health products and market them online to make a great business.
I have a friend that does a Store for ladies fashions to great success. No physical shop just an internet page.

Being found on the Internet

When you want to buy something that is the first thing you do, yep Google it.  However where the hell do they find you in the trillion odd searches every day.
It’s quite easy really and comes back to what they call Keywords as a starting point.
So if you want shoes you type in Shoes, ok there is a lot of shoes so let’s look for men’s shoes.

Still not close so what about a style, something like sports shoes?
Still a long way from where we want to be we need to narrow down to a sport, say Basketball.

Hundreds of people make men’s Basketball shoes so perhaps we come down to a brand, say Nike.

Make Money Working from Home Online

We are getting close here but the next important step is Location.  Saying that this may or may not be an option in your choice with world Wide postage.
I reside in Australia but get products quicker from the UK than I do across the country so sometimes this is not a consideration.

If you have boots that are physical products that someone can pick up then location becomes important

The search then becomes Boots, Men, Sport, Basketball, Nike and finally location.

Does Location matter on the Internet

This is a pretty simple explanation but one that works. To learn more about this there is great training at Wealthy Affiliate and importantly all free. Here you can learn about everything online you need.

The internet is a vast opportunity to make money and one that should be approached with some background in what you want to achieve.

My next post on this will be on Affiliate marketing another great opportunity to make money online.

There will be a division between virtual products and physical products that can be owned and sold by you. Books on any subject, training, coaching the list goes on.

Peter Hanley

Make Money Working from Home Online


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