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WordPress category page

How to optimise categories on your website effectively

The reasons your category links are so important are fundamental to your webpage construction. We all understand that blogging is necessary and that your articles are easily found under categories

  1. One of the rating factors for website SEO is time on the site. The longer the time visitors dwell the better rankings you get.
    You must provide areas of interest to keep them on the page and this is a primary one.
  2. Your website should cluster like posts together so that the reader will change pages easily to
    find the subject that interests them the most.Wordpress category page
  3. It keeps all the posts tidy and in one place to consolidate the effort. I recently experienced the value when searching my page for a post link. The subject was telemarketing and I posted them under cold calling, telephone services, warm calling when they really fall under one heading.
  4. You should also follow a theme in your posts so that readers can identify with what you are promoting. This is good housekeeping and visual image compliance. You can even use.PHP templates but that is a programming issue I don’t want to attend.
  5. It would be appropriate to have a training theme running with your posts so it is easy to follow.
  6. A category may be grapes, then stories on varieties and pressing, making wine and drinking wine etc

The posts will have a story to tell as you work through them. I did not do this and have come to the realization that I did it wrong. Time to go back to the beginning. We want to tell a story and take the visitor on a journey.

In conclusion Category’s have a link of there own so you can market the link. How do you get the link? Just log into your page go to categories and pick the one you want. The link will show as a web address so you can use that. An example is my marketing category that can be entered directly. This is ideal if you are promoting a range of items on a subject.

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In conclusion,
Categories can be an invaluable part of your website so treat them well and they will return the favour

Wordpress category page

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