WP leads the easy way

WP leads the easy way


WP leads the easy way. For years I did not understand getting a good stream of leads to my Webpage until I found this easy plugin that guaranteed me results.

Hi, My name is Peter Hanley and I have been on the internet for a few years.

What has always puzzled me was getting any amount of leads to a site?

Furthermore getting those leads to click on my product.

You build a great website and do all the SEO stuff and still, they don’t come.

First of all, you need to know how to build a great website using WordPress

the Worlds most used site builder.

To learn all about this I used a product called Wealthy Affiliate.

WP leads the easy way

Now, this is a free site that gets you going.

Still, I struggled to get my leads just rolling in, I think some of the training was a technical issue that I could not quite grasp.

How do you know your site is set up properly?

Do you link to Google the biggest search engine?

Can you see the results in Analytics

These are the things I struggled with until I found the answer.

Unless you connect your site to the outside world you can not achieve a result

WP leads the easy way

Maybe you have the best Keyword or the best and prettiest site but unless it is connected to Google You are spitting into the wind.

The answer when It came was so easy.

A simple WordPress plugin called Rapid SEO indexer.

First of all, they say this is a two click process and it is when you are set up.

You will achieve a Google index in a few minutes and then watch the leads come rolling in.

This will make a difference to your internet life.

Watch the video to see a new website ranked in just 30 seconds.

Connect to Google analytics and count the leads that can turn into sales.

WP leads the easy way


Install Rapid SEO on your website today.

Peter Hanley

WP leads the easy way

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