Cold Calling scripts


Cold Calling scripts


Throw away your cold calling script and let’s start again.

Cold Calling scripts


If you are in a large telemarketing centre no need to read on,  just get the professionals to mess it up.

I have used outsourced marketing, both in Australia and Asia, in-house team and single user marketer and they all have one thing in common.

Lets first of all look at the script and what you want to do with it.

Are you:
collecting information
Making a booking
Building a database
Wanting a referral
Selling something
Well, the script will vary with each one of these so where do you start?

Cold Calling scripts

First of all, I do believe a script is necessary.

Having a guide stops you Umming and arring and keeps you on track. The details you want are clearly marked so you end up with a result.  It is not a good look to get off the phone and say “I forgot to ask that.”. It is a well-planned routine

Marketers are different in their approach, Girls and boys, outgoing people v quiet ones all have different personalities.

Cold Calling scripts


Trying to make them, all the same, comes with some peril in sounding false or pushy.

People like to deal with callers they like and trust and this should be the first objective.

If you are calling Grannies they will want to chat and probably tell you their life story.

Calling b2b they want to know why you are calling and what you have to offer.

When calling the middle-agers you need a bit of hip.

So any one single script will not work.

Cold Calling scripts

You need to gather repore in the first few words so choose your opening very carefully.

I would never use the old “ and how are you today?” Or worse “How’s your day been?”

You don’t really care and they don’t really want to tell you, it sets up an early barrier.

I like the use of a name, Hi its Peter from NBL here have you got a moment to chat or something similar.

If you were meeting someone in person you would offer your name. Same-Same.

Cold Calling scripts

Now for some quick interest, have you heard about, have you seen, did you know type thing.

You must get a response and perhaps ask a second personal question.

the purpose is to get a two-way conversation and for them to ask you a question.

Building a bit of know and trust here.

You must, however, have a purpose in the call and explain what you want from them.

This is all based on what you are trying to achieve.

Have a set of trial closers that you can bring into the conversation to get a result.

Can I send you details
Is your email address etc
Would you like to buy today with a 25% discount
Are you the right person if not who then?

When you have your answer politely terminate the call. DO NOT TALK THROUGH A SALE.

You get a “yes that would be great” and then start with more features and benefits. They then say  “look perhaps I need to think about this some more”. You are gone. No coming back. Don’t go there.


This is particularly so with new marketers who become excited with a yes.
Let me tell you this is one of the worse moments in marketing when the light comes on that you have just messed up. It takes hours to recover as you go over the what ifs.

It’s not about you!

Do not talk about YOU. They don’t care. Who do they care about? Them and what you can do to solve a problem or make their life better

So you have a clear-cut purpose on what you want to achieve>

You have a pleasant introductory sentence that is accepted by the called.

You obtain a bit of interest.

Explain exactly what you want

Try a couple of trial closes

Exit with a result.                                   How hard can it be?

Do you follow the script to the word? NO

You should follow the script to a result that you want.

You may take a few diversions and talk weather or sport but you will continue to steer the conversation to the answers you need.

Work out your stats, calls results etc and try and improve on them with every call.

This is all done in just a few minutes so you must control the conversation as much as possible.

What do the good marketers all have?

They are genuine, interested and to the point. Nothing is phoney or put on.

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Cold Calling scripts

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