Cold Calling

Cold calling

Cold calling is dead, you had best warm up a bit

Cold calling, there is a better way.

Warm marketing made easy.

For all internet marketers using Cold calling, there is a better way. Here’s the fastest way to get new business with a warm feeling.

It is a waste of a good sales persons time plodding the call list trying to make a contact.

They get frustrated and lose enthusiasm for the job at hand.

For you, we have the way to go from introduction to sales with the three tools you really need.

We all hate telemarketing cold calls. They get met with a cold shoulder before you have a chance to say your piece.

Either doing it yourself or getting someone else to do it is a soul-destroying job.

Knockback after knockback as you grind through the hourly allocated call list. One every 2 minutes as to performance results. 100 calls 10 contacts one sale

I once had a telemarketer that said: “ I would sooner poke my eyes out with this pencil than make another call”. OK, it was a bad day and they are not all like that.

There are many models to market but the new saying “cold calling is Dead” is probably true.

It is true the many foreign-based calls and scam callers have killed the idea of a nice reception.
People are sick of wasting times talking about computer repairs or telephone calls. The quick hang up with I am not interested happens all too often.

My new model for new business marketing.

First of all, you need a list, a list that meets the anti-spam guidelines and provides email addresses that you can mail.

My Mate Matt McDonald has such a list. You pick an area where you want to market, choose your business line and download a file of leads, save them as a CSV file and move to part two.

Introduction to your company


Cold calling

You should send an introductory mail explaining who you are and basically what you do. This is a copy and a paste operation and about 40 new emails take about 15 minutes. These I usually send early in the day to allow an opt-out. ( this is a simple operation that could be done from a call centre overseas).
Opt-outs are usually straight away so they can easily be removed from the list.

Any that reply we delete and the balance are loaded into an Auto Responder. I use Constant Contact but any will do.

In the Auto Responder, you have written a range of emails to be sent about every two working days. Again who you are and then more on products and services that you supply.

Your AutoResponder tells you who opened the mail and how many times.

Cold calling

Now it is simply a matter of warm calling anyone that opened a mail. I generally wait until the series finishes before calling.

Some will say they did not get mail etc but you will get a high percentage that is willing to entertain the offer or continuing conversation.

Those that decline you install into a monthly newsletter that feeds general information over years to come. I had a response and sign up recently from a contact made 12 months prior. He had filed in his memory and when the need arose he called ready to waltz.

When the customer won’t come to you.

Because the customer won’t come to you then you must go to the customer in the most cost and time effective manner that you can.

If you are a local business collect email any way you can and make a list, any type of list depending on the base. An excel list right through to an expensive product as long as you can email

Again these are warm contacts that like and trust you.

Another way for cheap cold calling

I employed an overseas marketer out of the Philipines. Her job was to simply get emails following a brief introduction to what we do.

cold calling

Many gave an email to get her off the phone but others because it was a subject of interest. We used a bit of interest with a promise to solve a problem that everyone has and it was too hard to explain on a quick call. The email results were really good and the follow up worked as well.

If you are not talking to buyers you are not making sales it’s that simple.

Targeting potentials is another method of contact that works. Particularly with high-value sales where you can afford to spend time in research. This still needs an introductory phase where the email can work better than a cold call.

Cold calling

With a target, you need to know there wants and desires what benefits you can bring to the table and how you can change their life.

You could have the best plan ever with guaranteed results but unless you can talk to the man you have nothing.

I believe one of the best introductions is mystery and anticipation. This is where your email comes in.

Warm them up with intrigue, add an element of what’s next so they look forward to your visit.

It’s all about engagement and it’s pretty hard coming in cold so make Warm your pursuit of new business.

Peter Hanley

Cold calling


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