Email marketing tips; the body


Peter Hanley continues in the email series with Email marketing tips; the body. Mess this up and all else is waste. Follow on to be a star.

The body of your email is there to sell the click.

Let me say that again the body is there to sell the click not to fill them with information, only excitement, and anticipation.

It is just like the subject line continuing with curiosity or direct benefit to make them take an action to buy or commit in some way.

In fact, we could insert a third medium here in scarcity. Examples are:
  Only 10 left, price increasing, closing down.
An important tip is to maintain the same driver in the subject, and body. If it’s curiosity in the subject maintain it in the body.

How long should the body be?

Most readers have a pretty small attention span so the best advice is to keep it simple with an absolutely irresistible link to a sales page or opportunity. Remember the only purpose is to get a click to a sales page.

Why do we want to link to a sales page?

We are trying to establish a level of interest so we can segment them into an autoresponder

Many on your list will have come from a web page click, a funnel, or a place where contacts have gathered so you don’t yet know them or understand them.

They wander in looking for information on something you have to offer so the sooner you establish this the better. You can then target them with a product proposal.

Links in the body of an email

You must have a link in your email. In fact up to three similar links on the page. You are wanting them to take a buying action not just to entertain them.
If you don’t have a link to a buying strategy you are wasting your and the client’s time.

Do you link to a Facebook page?

Email marketing tips; the body

NO! Never. Let me clear something up here. Your web page is the selling page designed to deliver a result. You ask them to buy, to subscribe to take an action.
Facebook and other Social media sites are for entertainment and as a conduit to your web page. Don’t try and sell on Facebook and don’t entertain on your webpage.

People get lost in Social media, they scroll, jump, leap and change and
that is not selling them anything.
Your email can be the same with the same purpose, deliver people to a sales page. End of story.

Email marketing tips; the body.

Why have a great subject line?

Simply to grab attention and to get some action happening.

Your email has a purpose in life.

When you start an email, at any stage of the procedure, start with a purpose in mind. What are you trying to achieve and has the email led to that conclusion?

The body of the email is to take them by the hand, excite them, tease them, fill them with anticipation and deliver them to a conclusion.
Where to produce your email for the best support

I just wrote an email for a client, great looking email but it was full of detail, it tried to sell and I failed in all the above so I started again.
We all need to revisit the purpose and plan the plan.

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Email marketing tips; the body by Peter hanley

 Email marketing tips; the bodyPeter Hanley

Email marketing tips

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