Email marketing tips. The subject line


Email marketing tips, the subject line. Here we explore inputs that will make all the difference to your email marketing campaign


Email marketing tips, the subject line goes to Joe average


Just who is the average person?

The average person receives around 120 emails a day that mostly goes straight to the bin, never read, and never actioned. How then do you stand out from the crowd?

a) Your Name or email address.

We all follow people we know, like, and trust so your name should be the first door opener.
Have a look at your emails today and see why you look at some and bin the rest.
I have many that I continue to receive because I like what they write.

Never, ever use a g-mail or hot mail address, use something at your domain like Admin or sales or Brian @ your company .com. It must be immediately recognizable.

Do not get this part wrong, it can hurt you badly

b) Your subject line. This is a whole course on its own but basically, it must be either

Curiosity based or
Benefit based

Next, if you want to create an air of mystery, and intrigue, you have to look at this type of headline and click to read.

You will know the ones, they are the emails you have to look at every day among the many that you receive.

Every one of them will have a hook that makes you want to read on.

Have a look now and see the type of subject you can’t resist. A good idea is to make a list and use them for yourself.

A great example was my associate who is marketing to Dentists.

The subject line is “the Crown that got away”. Crowns are money to dentists and this line really got attention.

Some of what I have read today;
Email marketing tips. The subject line

One word will rule the world

Brit Malka

Is this business model too simple

Sean Mize

2x the email signups in 7 minutes

Sumo me

Steal these 20 profit niches

Kurt Chrisler

The secrets to legos success in Social Media

Social baker

These people are all A-grade experts in this business, so what is the common feature?

They create interest and intrigue and invite you or incite you to look further.

Why would you do a Post Script?

The final log off PostScript or PS

One last tip for today is to create anticipation. In my Autoresponder series, we usually do a P.S. message or even a P.P.S.

It is true that  I always look at them, that makes me a target so I reckon good enough for you too.

Furthermore, with my emails, I generally leave a hint along the lines of “in my next mail to you, I will show you the 20 best subject lines of all time that will absolutely guarantee yours get opened “ 

Your readers will then look for your mail and your subject and curiosity will make them open it. Remember to use them next time.

In a course I did with wealthy Affiliate They had a slide that showed a PPS as an example on this subject. I actually went to that link to see what it was like because the interest was so high. then I posted this on the chat room and believe me I was not the only one.

I am leaving this section short to give you time to think this through because of the degree of importance to your success.

In conclusion,

Decide on your from address and if it does not work change it.
Do up a list of subject lines and test them.
Always have a prominent PS or PPS.

Next up we will talk about the body of the mail and the things you must do. Sell the click?


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Email marketing tips, the subject line by Peter Hanley

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ps. for a  great headlines checker I use Coschedule free tool. Because I can just log in and scroll to the bottom of the home page and use the tool.

Affiliate marketing, is it for you?

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