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Getting noticed with Email

Getting noticed with email is an Art.The first two steps make a difference to the whole success of the mail. Miss these steps and you won’t get read.

My date with Meg Ryan

Remember that great movie way back in 1998 with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?
Yes, it is 21 years ago so some of you were not sending mail back then and most likely can’t remember the movie.
It was a love story and around the start of emailing when it was all a bit personal. However boy gets the girl so all ends well.

This was all about getting noticed with email.

I mention this because now 21 years later what has changed?
When I look at my emails today none are from Meg Ryan, unfortunately, but I have about 80 from others that want my attention. Here we look at getting notices with email

Here we start a journey

The two most important features in an email have nothing to do with the subject.

  • Who the Email is from, do they know you?
  • The subject line or attention getter

Think of your own daily experience with emails.
You most likely quickly scan the list looking at the sender’s name. If it gets your attention then we go to the subject line and make a decision, do we open this or not?
The average open rate based on the UK experience across all categories is just 19.8% and interestingly this has only changed marginally over the past couple of years.
Most noteworthy is that this is to a known audience, not random emails.

First of all is getting known

This all happens early in the series when you introduce your self, your company and what you want to achieve. No selling whatever.
I liken it to meeting someone at an event or even a party and firing off into a sales pitch. no one wants that.
So your first email is a shake and greet nothing more.
At the party, you have exchanged names and pleasantries when the subject of “What do you do for a living” comes up.

Your answer is general in nature about your role in the company and what they supply, perhaps an address and phone number nothing more. We are at a party, not a sales conference.


The next days you catch up and are known and what you do is in line with there needs. You might say Have you had a look at such and such, got some good deals on at the moment are you interested or will I keep you in the loop.
The point here is by now you are known, liked and trusted and If they want a deal it will be with you. Your emails are the same.

It is different with your Newsletters or touch emails.

You are already known liked and trusted and done the hard yards, but they are busy people and they can’t be bothered with trivia. You only get one shot so it better be good.
Remember the trust thing could last forever the new subject line but a few seconds

Getting noticed with email; A subject line

Breaking down a subject line

  • `A direct benefit How will opening the email get them something they want?
  • Curiosity, my favorite but you can also combine it with News or self Interest
  • Scarcity, but it must be real, limited quantities, deadlines etc
  • News, Something that is new to the reader
  • Social Proof, comparing what other people have done
  • Story; The start of a story blended with curiosity
  • Humanity issues
  • Thanks to Ryan Deiss the Invisible Selling Machine

Any of these can be used to invite the reader in. I did a recent post saying “You have been Pwned.” This blends curiosity, news and social proof embedded in the body. An open rate of nearly 40% double the national average.

Here are a few examples under the headings

  • Get your business funded in 2019. A benefit
  • My favorite marketing tool. Curiosity
  • 50 % Sale ends in one day. Urgency
  • Will 2019 be better than 2018? News
  • All my customers loved this. Social interest
  • Did you hear Google+ is closing and why? Story
  • Merry Christmas to you from? Humanity

All this before they read a word

Email marketing is a lengthy subject because it is so varied.

Are well covered in a prior post as with email marketing tips
So I am not reinventing the world

In conclusion.

Creating unbelievable value

The training at Wealthy Affiliate has many episodes on all aspects of email and one in particular, Creating unbelievable value is a must read. free and no obligation

Email works as well today as it ever has only the strategies have changed.
Customer contact is necessary so keep it up with email.

Who is the best email provider, Constant Contact and I tell you why.

Getting noticed by email by Peter Hanley

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