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Facebook post Scheduler

If you don’t have a FACEBOOK FOR YOUR BUSINESS THEN GET one and learn about Facebook post scheduler to make your life a bit easier.


If you don’t regularly post on Facebook then do so, every Day or week


It is a fact that many people check Facebook to check on your authenticity.

I do it all the time, what their business looks like, what do people think.

Another secret is looking for email addresses, if there is not one on your website I go to Facebook and we all put one there, great for marketing.

Here is the Rub. If I look at your site and no posts for one, two or three months
my estimation of you goes down.

Facebook is about credibility, it is not there to sell your wares or push your products
it is there as a window to your business by informing and entertaining.
Your website delivers more selling action, that is its job.

Now I run a blog on Rescue cats, a simple site with a few followers. It was set up as an
experiment but has developed a life of its own. No, I don’t make money from it but yes
the crazy cat ladies love it.

In a busy life, how do I find time for a hobby like a cat page?

The answer is that I have made FaceBook posting really easy.

Using some spare time on a weekend I do a week’s posting. A photo, a nice caption and then I
Schedule the posts to go out every day. Half hour tops, a week ’s posting so everyone is happy.

Your business can be the same. See something interesting during the day, snap a photo with your mobile and save it for later. It might be people, situation, product, funny  an article anything
of interest.

Select someone to do the posting, you, your partner, reception or even one of the kids.
Then upload the photo, add a caption. Schedule and post.

Create a post.Facebook post scheduler

Write your words and add a photo
Share now

If you make a mistake just log into the scheduled posts and edit

How many days apart should you post on Facebook?

Depending on your business, your product and your audience it could be 1-2-3 days or a week tops.

Now that’s not too much pain, it just requires a level of importance in your life.

Let’s face it your business is important; you wouldn’t shut the doors for a month so think of your Facebook as the doors to your business.

It does not take many likes or shares to generate that free publicity you need.

When you hear the old saying Facebook doesn’t work anymore it’s because they haven’t worked on Facebook.

Have a look at your feed and see the regulars, even some at twice a day and why?


In conclusion be noticed, be consistent but most of all do it properly.

Social media drives business. I did a post recently on how Twitter can brand you and how one person
has built a career using twitter. Don’t laugh when I tell you whom.

It is the President of the USA, arguably the most powerful man in the World who has worked with Twitter. However like few others. Read my post and I will explain why.

We should own a social channel

I believe we should own a Social Channel. There are many of them and they can all be good if used correctly.
It is also my belief we should have both a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile but they don’t need to drive your future, They can be your support vehicles if not your main focus.

My Goddaughter runs a well known Hairdressing salon built only on Instagram, posts a picture of clients hair every day that is shared within the group of girls that go there. Just 7500 followers are enough to keep her bookings at 100%. Cost zero dollars. Time minimal, goodwill extreme.

What can you do for your business?

Facebook post scheduler

In Conclusion;
Have a Facebook page
Post regularly, keep it light, entertain.
Make sure your LinkedIn page is current
Choose a media channel


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