Social media and business

What has Social media and business got to do with you? If you have any sort of business Online or static you need to read this or lose out

Social media for business
It’s all about Social Media

Pick one channel and make it yours.

Social media takes time and in some cases money so instead of half doing it do one properly before you move on.

Which one you will ask so let me give you some examples before we move on.

1) Twitter. Does Donald Trump show that a simple tweet can get results? He is not the highest Tweeter but I am willing to bet he get more press than anyone else. Right wrong or indifferent he has made it an Artform.

2) Instagram.
My best story is Kayla Itsines , a work from a garage exercise person that went from nothing to millionaire with one product
using Instagram.

3) Youtube

Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk can’t sit still, but on YouTube, that’s a positive. The author, expert, and business guru provides advice and strategies on social media and marketing on this channel, along with Q&A videos with viewer input. Vaynerchuk can be a little rough around the edges, and so what? He talks like a regular guy until you listen to what he’s saying and realize he’s telling you things that can help you grow your business into a winner—and he knows from experience.
Gary is not the biggest but he has a following.

4) and the rest including Facebook

Here is a current run down

So what is your choice?

I am seeing great Instagram success for small business. It is outdoing Facebook in reach and action and really bringing in results.

I think YouTube is well underutilised because of the difficulties in producing a Video, Time and money constraints.
This has changed now with easy video production so it offers many an opportunity to exploit the niche

Some may well see a Twitter future and it certainly offers opportunities

What you must do with Social Media

It is important when doing any project to do it well or get a fail mark.
Social media is no different and sites that show neglect will lose your business.
Often I visit a Facebook page that has not seen a post in many months and my thoughts are they don’t really care. Just there because they have to be.
This does not need to be so.
Using the Facebook scheduler you can post well ahead and it takes little time.
Because I have several pages and some live in the land of neglect, Father I confess my sins.
I have a site dedicated to rescue cats that
I delegate one half an hour of my weekend time to update. Now don’t tell the Cat ladies this because they think it is an alive blog

Remember what Facebook does for you

Social media for business
Where it all started

Facebook is there to get attention, share some learning, entertain and Brand your business. It is not a selling vehicle it is a delivery mechanism to your website, where your Website will do the selling.

Which chanel is best for you?

Not Knowing your business I can only generalise and point some directions.

I believe you need a current and active Facebook and LinkedIn page for every business.

Customers will search your media for information and use the information to contact you. That is the purpose of the exercise.
I do a bit of email marketing myself and often want to find a contact email. Now many businesses hide the contact details so you have to submit a form to them to get information.
Why oh why hide your information is beyond me. Ok, you pick up a few for a list but you avoid so many others.

Anyway , when I can’t find an email i skip across to Face book, look in the about me section and most times find what I am looking for

I want to say Video is the new angle

Social media for business
A great benefit for you

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I repeated what The Samurai had to say because it is very easy to use and as one of my readers you get to make as many videos you want for free for 7 days. Make sure you download them to save or better still post to Youtube so they are there forever. You evan even get 20% off if you wish to continue

Instagram is well worth a try

Social media for business
Well worth a try

My friend is a Hairdresser, top of the market, ladies only premium price.
Her only media is Instagram. Every day a picture or three of someone’s hair colour done in the day. Girls are happy to pose and for others to see who was there.
Time taken to post to Instagram about 5 minutes a day.
Result booked out for nearly a month.
Absolutely a single media focus but it is every day of the week without fail.
Can you do that?

Social media for business do it properly or fail

In conclusion thanks for reading and I know I have made a fifference

Social media for business
Peter Hanley

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is an important part of marketing in any business and here Peter Hanley looks at several key touch points.

Ignore your customers at your peril

Have you looked at the big stores and thought they do a lot of promotions but I can’t afford that?
I suppose you may have even though they waste a lot of money and it makes no difference to you?
Let me tell you they do it because it works. There is a choice in all areas so why do we stay loyal and mostly to one store? That is why customer relationship management is so important.

Image of Woolworths store who are great at customer relationships
  • Loyalty rewards cards
  • Letterbox drop
  • Facebook
  • email
  • Billboards
  • Websites

Consider why you go to one store and not another and what has affected you and then think about what can you do better.
Further discussion on emails here.

Customer Relationship Management

My Loyalty is divided

Certainly, loyalty cards and programs have a major contributing factor to the shopping experience. However, value or novelty still pulls you away to the other side.

Coles and Woolworths compete in our town for the shopping dollar. Coles have Flybys and Woolies their own card which is pretty ordinary. There are a few other outlets but these are the main two.
A friend of mine loves Coles because of Flybys and the only shops there. Until Woolies introduced a must-have novelty pack that was all the rage. Woolworths sales went up for that time but most went back.

I drive a little further to get Coffee because of one free after nine coffees. The thought is just to buy a couple more and I get a free one as I drive by three other outlets.

Recently I was in a hurry and stopped at one closer to home, the customer experience was really good as they joked and laughed with me. What happened? I still need to buy more coffee to get a free one as my loyalty changed to customer service.

Service and satisfaction will win out every time

That is called good customer relations but it still needs to be underpinned with other contact elements.

Therefore,  what are the things you can do to support the customer?

  • A bi-weekly or monthly newsletter by email is Cheap and easy to do.
  • In-store programs to encourage joining.
  • win a hamper, evening tutorial, survey
  • Birthday wishes by email
  • SMS reminders
  • Facebook marketing
  • All social media channels

Know your customers

A golden rule is to know and understand your customers. Your market to buyers, not to lookers, and this is done by market analysis. Understand every customer and put them in lists within lists so you can target them on a regular  basis

Channel marketing rules

Marketing can be done cheaply but it is expensive time-wise so you should concentrate on one channel until it is working.

When your target is varied and mature email is great.
Facebook demographic has moved out past millenniums so the over 35 s are still there.
The younger 20-35  have generally moved to Instagram as a media of choice.

For younger groups target the parents.

Consistency is the main rule of marketing, especially on Social Media

It can never be too often but it can be done blandly and without interest.

I understand there is also mainstream advertising like Radio, TV, and Press but leave that to the big spenders.
If you want to spend money think of FaceBook and retargeting as the place to be.

You are lucky in the days of Social Media

It is very easy to brand with Instagram and Facebook and follow the followers.
It requires a daily posting of unique content that has readership interest.

In Summary

Keep in contact with your customers regularly.
Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.
Provide a great customer experience with service.
Loyalty programs work
Use branded giveaways or other gifts.

There is a lot more to learn at;

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management by Peter Hanley

Image of authorPeter Hanley


Customer Relationship Management by Peter Hanley

Affiliate marketing income potential

Customer journey touchpoints

Is FOMO Real?

is FOMO real?

I am often questioned Is FOMO Real? As a long term veteran of this industry and a long term FOMO sufferer, I want to tell you it is real and manageable

What is FOMO?.

It is described in modern day parlance as “The Fear Of Missing Out”

When you search the web you will find a bundle of articles on this mostly related to teens and Facebook users.
I searched Wikipedia and Urban use pages and did not find the one I wanted so had to make up my own mind on this.

My family have accused me of this since before the word was first introduced and it predates the electronic version of the word.

I do like to be included in the fun things and would feel rejected if left out.

In fact, there was a saying along the lines of ” Don’t ask Peter unless you really want him to come.” The belief was that I would accept every invitation offered me. Hardly true of course but I accept the comments graciously.

Along came Facebook and messaging and the world changed, now add Instagram and a few others and we really have a reason to be anxious.

Yes, I have Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn because I just have to be there.
We need to like every post or make a comment lest we are thought less of.

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Where it all starts

I experienced this recently at the birthday party of a two-year-old. This is a great time for the kids to get presents because they can really enjoy them for the first time and lots of Aunties and Uncles are keen to show they care.
At the same time, the four-year-old sibling is having a national crisis with no presents coming their way.
I am old school and let them suck it up but many buy a special present to appease the tears and tantrum. Does this create a life long phobia?

Yes, every time someone else gets something or does something good they need to be rewarded as well. A special present that will last for life.

My problem started in reverse. I had an older brother by four years so he was able to do and get things before me. New Scooter, a push bike, a car the list of my envy goes on and stays with me to this day.
I was missing out, pure and simple.

We are also guilty of promoting this in children’s’ sport. Think about this for just a moment.
The kids play a team sport and every week someone gets an award. It is something small in size or price but huge in consequence and recognition.
To make sure everyone is included it is not given for achievement it is rotated among everyone on the team. Each week little Johnny needs to suck it up a bit but understands the rules that their time is coming.
Would you think this as a training school for FOMO

The Internet took FOMO a step forward

Your Bestie posts great photos of a recent hang out on a tropical Island.
Everyone message to say did you see this and you quickly load Facebook for a gander at suntanned bodies sipping Pina Coladas in a Pool bar.
Oh, how the envy starts.
Not for them of course but the better photos they posted and everyone else is raving about them and forgotten your Ski trip of just a month ago

The young teens have a hard time with this when that invite to a birthday bash does not come to them. It even surpasses FOMO and is upgraded to social bullying. How dare they forget your little darling.

FOMO in business

My take on this is that it is a good thing. I don’t care whether it is called Jealousy or FOMO it drives me to be competitive.

This fear of missing out has driven me to compete more aggressively and to lift my achievement level. Then I get a reward for effort not just for competing.

I need to be seen as successful on my terms not because everyone gets a reward it’s because I went out and earned it by hard work and persistence

I post on Facebook because, not to, is not a consideration.
If someone is doing better than me I don’t sulk and throw a hissy fit I find ways to catch up and be in the winner’s circle.
You then get rewarded by success.

FOMO started in my childhood

FOMO starts in everyone’s childhood. It starts early and it’s now promoted by parents who encourage participating for fun and rewarding mediocre performance.

Everyone is your friend, we are all equal and we should be treated thus.
However, life is not like that. there are trolls and bullies and preferential selection of invite lists and we will miss out.

We just need to suck it up and not get all emotional about it and challenge our selves to do better.
FOMO is not a disease it is a learned art that needs to be unlearned. We need to self-cure to move on and be more comfortable in our own skin.

Is fomo real, image of penguines ignoring one.
Say no to FOMO

In conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say I am no expert, have no formal training or background to make comments. Being a relatively new problem we all have an opinion. Feel free to share your below


I have been in marketing for more years than I can remember. This includes being very active on the Internet for over 10 years. I promote free internet training at The Wealthy Affiliate.

link to Wealthy affiliate

and post on a different subject on most days.

Is FOMO real?
Peter Hanley


Facebook for small business

SEO Website WordPress

Here we look at Facebook for small business and consider if it is as good today as it was last year. Peter Hanley shows that it is getting better for SME’s

No need for Facebook Introduction

We all know Facebook and what it does but first of all let’s separate the fun stuff for the business side.

I like Facebook because I have 5 kids with family’s that regularly post happy snaps that keep me up to date. Everyone gets in and comments and it is lots of fun. What I don’t do is spend a lot of time on it. First thing in the morning and maybe a late look as well.
Saying that my wife does regularly monitor my feed because she does not like Facebook, go figure that out.

Lets only consider business Facebook

Every business should have a Facebook page that is active and attended regularly with updates.
Buyers, sellers job applicants in fact anyone wanting to do business will you will want to look at your Facebook page.
The result when it is not up to date is probably worse than not having a site at all, it shows that you don’t really care about Social media.

Not having social media displays that you are still in the dark ages of marketing and would I really want to do business with you?

But does Facebook really work?

It really does drive traffic to you and your website and it can be proven.
I follow a local dress shop marketing program because I Find that they do it very well. In my feed, I regularly get 2-4 messages a day every day. This site is done by a professional group so it is done correctly. They have a good website and Instagram account as well.
They recently posted figures bragging 8000 customers through the door last year and 3896 online orders. What amazed me is the number of online orders. Yes mostly from Facebook posts. Yes, the girls are hot and even provocative but they are targeting the look-alike customers.

Milk fashions

Facebook is a delivery mechanism

Milk had a great post today, Go to our website to get 30% off Zarba or similar brand. They send you to the website because there you can place an order. When on the Website the Facebook link is hidden down in a corner so you need to search for it. They don’t want you to go back to Facebook.

Now I reckon the Online orders to be worth just short of a million dollars in turnover at a 100% margin, a tidy business if I do say so.
It appears that Facebook is the prime marketing medium. I have not yet seen evidence of retargeting on Facebook so that could really add a new dimension.

Who needs a Shopfront when you have Online

Facebook for small business

The Million dollar in turn over (estimated) is a good business all on its own.
Though you would not sneeze at 8000 walk-ins either. About 22 a day on average.
Probably another couple of Million in turnover. Remember this is not the cheap end of the market it is the Young trendy females.

Why do I tell you this? First, let me clear up I do not know the owners and have no association with them at all. I have not purchased from them at any time.
My interest is purely academic and to point out to you how well it can work and that three posts a day every day is not overkill when the content is all class. The figures quoted were in a yearend Facebook post by them and not made up by me. don’t shoot the messenger

How hard to post every day

I have a site on rescue cats, this is an exercise in building followers and not at this time monetised. With about 5500 regular followers it is growing nicely. I want about 20K before I am happy.
I post once a week on the weekend. I gather a few interesting pictures or ideas and then schedule a week of posts. Done and dusted about 30 minutes. Hardly a chore and I get some delight with it.
If I can do this so can you or someone you nominate. Do a week’s posts and sit back and enjoy the action. Because I am not monetising this I generally only do one post a day but it is every day.

Does quality matter when posting to Facebook?

A pretty dumb question if I do say so myself but surprisingly many don’t think of this.
Off course it matters, pictures work, smart headings work and calls to action work. Short written posts get skimmed over and not read. simple really.
Have a look at your feed and see what gets your attention and make that an action point.

What is retargeting

This is Facebook advertising at its very best. When someone visits your website and selects a page or product they are tagged by Google as interested. An advert will then pop up in all sorts of places reminding them of your site.
important to know is that no private data is shared or kept so it is not Big Brother. A few pixels are collected and replayed at choice. It works really well.

I wrote on Retargeting in a recent blog.

Using other social media

Facebook for small business

The more the better. A must do is LinkedIn because many will search for your details there.
Have a good BIO and photo and upgrade occasionally

Instagram is the new darling of the younger set and compliments Facebook with a similar approach>

Some just use Instagram and gather a following but I prefer Facebook for your target audience.

Your webpage

Everything ties back to your Web page the ultimate selling tool with great SEO and lots of well-written blogs.

You can do this yourself if you follow the free training at Wealthy Affiliate    

or outsource it to others just make sure it is done.

So what about YouTube

Video is a must do product and YouTube is catching up to Google in the number of searches. It is a whole new subject and I don’t want to dwell here but you do need to understand it

In conclusion

Social media my just be the difference between success and failure. Everyone is doing it in one way or another. All the multi national corporations are in on it and the stories of success are everywhere.

Peter Hanley is a pioneer in small to medium businesses going through to Public Listed companies. He has over 40 years of continual experience.
In about 2006  decided he needed to know everything about the new way of marketing and has dedicated time to learning new skills. He is happy to share the learning

kardashians and business

Kardashians and business

Kardashian and business?
Kardashians and business? What does this mean to you and what do they have to do with business? They are a business and you can be too

We talked about Trump and business and how he went about branding himself now let’s look at something different in branding.

Making a business with a name like Kardashian

Branding yourself brings a degree of trust between you and the reader. Now I don’t suggest that you go to the lengths of this family but what they do works.
They are all good-looking and display themselves as openly and outwardly as they can. Like em, or loathe them they have a following.

The highest-paid writers and trainers all display pictures of themselves prominently in every post because they want recognition. When you see a photo of someone you know you are instantly attracted to it.

How Virgin became a business




Another great example is the guy in the photo. The guy, not the girl back on track here, we don’t know her but we sure know Sir Richard Branson.

He has gone out of his way to brand himself and all the ventures with which he is loosely associated. Does it work? Don’t be silly he is one of the richest guys in the world and a guy that grew up with a Learning disability. Not really good-looking in the traditional way, not a great sportsman so he invented himself as an action man, every man’s man, and every woman’s as well. We love risk-takers and he is one.

I brand all my posts, not because I am good-looking but because I want to be seen as credible and not hiding behind a wall of words.

What other ways are there for visual Branding?

An interesting question but a simple answer. The best way is in person at meetings for all the purposes you can think of. Breakfast meetings, lunch meetings anywhere you can be seen with a group of people.

Hubspot did a post on this recently with a list of 20 LinkedIn Groups that you should join  HubSpot groups
The lists are endless and searching local groups came up with Support groups, Meetups, Communicate, and many more.

Get into Networking and drive your brand.

kardashians and business
Get into Networking and drive your brand.
I hate networking, that is just a personal issue on the types of meetings but many of you just love them so drive them hard.
I do get coerced into groups at different times and mostly come away with a new client after the meeting so I understand the power of networking.
just be authentic, don’t oversell present professionally, and take the orders.

kardashians and business and branding

Is Facebook a type of visual branding?

Facebook logo

It sure is but I say this with a major condition.
If you put a picture of your kids on your page you are wasting space. make it about you, what you do, why you do it, and entertain them.

I often scan a Facebook page to find out about a potential customer and make my mind up based on that search. How often you post and what you post about, how many followers you have, and the quality of the posts. Facebook is there to entertain and send them to your webpage to be sold.

Linked in is a type of Visual branding

LinkedIn logo

Not on LinkedIn, shame on you get up and do it. add a nice Photo, a great Bio, and a bit of self-advertising.

Now do it with all your staff and get them involved.
It may not sell a product but it does promote you and your business in a professional manner that compliments your image branding.

kardashians and business and branding

The six types of personal Brands


Furthermore, In an article by Bryan Kramer, he looks at the 6 types of personal branding. I chose mine can you see yourself?

The Altruist

Altruists are individuals who are highly recognized for their commitment to helping others. These are people who not only dedicate themselves in terms of actions, but also with regard to being mindful of their personal relationships.

The Careerist

True careerists are those who have shown a preference for professional advancement above all other personal achievements.  More often associated with business-related networks such as LinkedIn-careerists constantly share information that will raise their status in their industry.

The Hipster

The hipster branding refers to a recognized subculture of progressive individuals who embrace individuality above all else. Although the term has existed since the Jazz age, modern hipsters are usually associated with young millennials who eschew mainstream trends. A hipster is also a person who likes to try things first and share them with others. Hipsters can adopt aspects of both altruism and careerism.  For them, sharing is seen as an essential part of their existence.

The Boomerang

The boomerang brand type refers to people who share content and generate interactions simply to create discord through controversy. In many cases, they do not necessarily agree with the content-choosing to pass on the information for the potential of being seen as provocative.

The Connector

Connectors are people who pride themselves on their ability to bring people together. These are usually the individuals who are well connected and openly use their network to unite. Typically creative, they obtain validation and satisfaction through others.

The Selective

The selective is a person that only shares information with specific people. They usually carefully curated information based on the general needs and interests of the target audience. They are largely known for being resourceful.

So, which of these personal brand types best fit you? To determine that often takes careful self-analysis that will allow you to reveal your values, strengths, and weaknesses. There are lots of excellent resources available which will enable you to determine your most authentic self.

Which are you? I am, I believe, in the selective group that shares only where I choose. That is why I pen these blogs for the small business community and online marketers

kardashians and business

In conclusion and to wrap up I have suggested that this is one premium way to gain recognition and branding in a cost-effective manner.

Finally, though you don’t need to be a Kardashian you need to be your authentic and loverly self.

Image of authorPeter Hanley




kardashians and business by Peter Hanley

Facebook post scheduler

Facebook post scheduler


Facebook post Scheduler

If you don’t have a FACEBOOK FOR YOUR BUSINESS THEN GET one and learn about Facebook post scheduler to make your life a bit easier.


If you don’t regularly post on Facebook then do so, every Day or week


It is a fact that many people check Facebook to check on your authenticity.

I do it all the time, what their business looks like, what do people think.

Another secret is looking for email addresses, if there is not one on your website I go to Facebook and we all put one there, great for marketing.

Here is the Rub. If I look at your site and no posts for one, two or three months
my estimation of you goes down.

Facebook is about credibility, it is not there to sell your wares or push your products
it is there as a window to your business by informing and entertaining.
Your website delivers more selling action, that is its job.

Now I run a blog on Rescue cats, a simple site with a few followers. It was set up as an
experiment but has developed a life of its own. No, I don’t make money from it but yes
the crazy cat ladies love it.

In a busy life, how do I find time for a hobby like a cat page?

The answer is that I have made FaceBook posting really easy.

Using some spare time on a weekend I do a week’s posting. A photo, a nice caption and then I
Schedule the posts to go out every day. Half hour tops, a week ’s posting so everyone is happy.

Your business can be the same. See something interesting during the day, snap a photo with your mobile and save it for later. It might be people, situation, product, funny  an article anything
of interest.

Select someone to do the posting, you, your partner, reception or even one of the kids.
Then upload the photo, add a caption. Schedule and post.

Create a post.Facebook post scheduler

Write your words and add a photo
Share now

If you make a mistake just log into the scheduled posts and edit

How many days apart should you post on Facebook?

Depending on your business, your product and your audience it could be 1-2-3 days or a week tops.

Now that’s not too much pain, it just requires a level of importance in your life.

Let’s face it your business is important; you wouldn’t shut the doors for a month so think of your Facebook as the doors to your business.

It does not take many likes or shares to generate that free publicity you need.

When you hear the old saying Facebook doesn’t work anymore it’s because they haven’t worked on Facebook.

Have a look at your feed and see the regulars, even some at twice a day and why?


In conclusion be noticed, be consistent but most of all do it properly.

Social media drives business. I did a post recently on how Twitter can brand you and how one person
has built a career using twitter. Don’t laugh when I tell you whom.

It is the President of the USA, arguably the most powerful man in the World who has worked with Twitter. However like few others. Read my post and I will explain why.

We should own a social channel

I believe we should own a Social Channel. There are many of them and they can all be good if used correctly.
It is also my belief we should have both a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile but they don’t need to drive your future, They can be your support vehicles if not your main focus.

My Goddaughter runs a well known Hairdressing salon built only on Instagram, posts a picture of clients hair every day that is shared within the group of girls that go there. Just 7500 followers are enough to keep her bookings at 100%. Cost zero dollars. Time minimal, goodwill extreme.

What can you do for your business?

Facebook post scheduler

In Conclusion;
Have a Facebook page
Post regularly, keep it light, entertain.
Make sure your LinkedIn page is current
Choose a media channel


Learn all about Internet marketing at     The Wealthy Affiliate for free

Facebook post scheduler, image of the authorPeter Hanley


Trump and Business

Trump and Business

Trump and business

Trump and business, what has he got to do with business.


This is not a like or dislike view of American politics it is a look
at how now forms of social media affect your business.

We know Trump is a master at Twitter, he posts regularly and focuses
on what he wants to say.

He screams fake news and I personally believe in many cases this is true.

News has changed and they now try to make the news rather than report it.

How many times has Trump been near to impeached or being replaced
by someone else?

How many times has Trump Tweeted his own version of events that show him
in a new or different light?

President Trump manages his image with social media so what does that say for you.

Social media is a must for every business.

What we learn further from this is that Donald has mastered one media. He does not spread his time around, he has found what works for him and works it.

What is more interesting is the viral impact.

Mr Trump averages about 6 tweets a day and many of those focused on Fake news or belittling other people with Loser quotes.
In the USA only 21% of people have a twitter account and of the Democrats, only a small margin read or follow him online.

The Viral impact is that the media take the tweets and report them World Wide in Syndicated news so a simple one-liner can be seen by everyone, follower or not.

Trump uses Twitter as a brand building.

Trump and Business

His Tweets started way before he became famous for being the President. May 5, 2009, when he launched himself on the Davis Letterman show with a simple Tweet and that was reported.

Boy, I wish we could all get advertising like that at no cost.


What does Donald Trump have to do with you?

Let me first tell you some more. Kayla Itenes made millions using just Instagram to promote her exercise program becoming a World Wide name from a garage In South Australia.

Many have made it with Facebook increasing the sales by many hundreds of per cent and they can be seen on your daily live feed.

This tells me that you should grab a Media and ham it up.

You don’t have time as a small business owner to share yourself across all media so do a Trump and own just one.

It is not an overnight success, it does take some planning, thought and action and it will lead to success.

In conclusion

You decide how much and then it is up to you.

Trump and Business

Learn More about marketing at this free training on Social Media


Trump and Business, image of authorPeter Hanley


Is Internet a waste of time

Internet marketing training online

Is the Internet a waste of time

There are so many ways to waste time on the internet and there are so many ways to make it payso we look at the question

is internet a waste of time

Social media is number one.

How many times a day do you look at facebook the most time waster of all.

Is Internet a waste of time

Here is a confession, I tried to start this post when I remembered a photo taken today should be on the stream. So what did I do? Stopped the clock and went looking at Facebook. How sad is that?

I have restrained myself down to 2 times a day for social media because it gets you in and just wastes time.

What about the news Items that flash up and they lead to captivating headlines that you must look at.

Suddenly you are checking out 100 photos of a film star you have never seen because something is wrong. Another hour wasted.

I subscribe to google news and pick headlines that interest me. Websites, new technology etc that come up once a day. I scan the headlines and read those of interest.
The benefit is that I don’t need to go searching.

My way is to then save any articles I may use later.

When we search on google how many times do you get lost in other interesting topics that have great and interesting subject lines.

How often do you read an article like this when you were searching for how not to waste time.

This is different of course, I am trying to help you here.

If you are retired or have no commitments it is still a waste of time reading trash that provides no intelligent content that can help you.

Sit back and count the hours.

I hate myself when I go off on an indulgent journey into a trashy headline that draws me in.

An hour of my day is lost to just mindless meandering. This is mostly made up anyway and bears no resemblance to the truth.

We are going to do it but try and rationalize the content and time. Sometimes it may be important to know about a recent episode in The Game of Thrones or The Crown. We can chat with friends from a knowledge basis but limit it.

My personal hatred of  Video games.

Now don’t get me wrong they are good for something like using your hands and mind but there it stops.

One thing I will never understand is Video games for those under 18. It is ok To shoot, stab, kill, Maim, use an AK47 to take out 100 bad guys, swear but no sex or nudity, everyday things. I don’t know but I always thought that killing was bad.

Then I would never preach total abstinence because it all has some good.

A confession here I am a consistent reader of Fiction novels, Yes and I love crime and tough guys, Jack Reacher is a favourite, but again I limit my time.

The internet takes a lot of time, it is addictive and like any addiction needs to be controlled and my friend only you can do it.

We have daughters and sons with young and not so young kids. With the young ones, they are able to control screen time with a Put that down and go out and Play. Therefore we need that voice in our head saying stop the wasted time and do something useful.

I have just been for a 40-minute walk to heed my own words. You can not catch up to basic exercise but you can catch up to screen time.

Am I getting some guilt feeling here?

We would hope so,

Multitasking sometimes has advantages but only when the concentration is not required. For instance, I have an Exercise bike in my office. I ride for about 15-20 minutes in the morning whilst I do the News on a tablet and also facebook. I tend to read in the Toilet (Gross) but I get two jobs done.

One idea is that I don’t have Facebook on my mobile so no popups to divert my attention and keep twitter to a few important follows.

Do I need to be so organised? I have two jobs, about five active websites a Facebook page on Rescuecats

plus normal facebook activity, throw in a wife, 5 kids 12 grandkids and daily exercise oh and I am over 70 years old so need to relax a bit.


The time is taken to write a blog a day that keeps me busy. Therefore my wasted time needs to be limited.

Don’t get me wrong I think Facebook is great, Instagram ok, twitter newsworthy, Linked in necessary but all in there place.

Don’t let entertainment dominate your life.

One Daughter does her social life on the morning bus to work, another who has a longer drive does courses online, there are so many ways to add hours to your day and life.

You need them all, Social media, Google, Electronic news you just need to control yourself and listen to the voice in your head,

“No more screen time go out and play.”



Is Internet a waste of time, image of the authorPeter Hanley


Marketing and social media

Marketing and social media are a fact of business today. We look at the # tag and how it should be used to drive business through your door.

How to stand out in social media and grow your business

The use of # tags in social media is different from Keywords. They are as necessary as dominant keywords but should be considered carefully.

Why are # tags different?

With keywords, you generally look for the least used words so that you can get exposure on the front page of Google with consideration to traffic and volume.

Whereas with # tags you want the current high trending words that are being searched and these are actually listed on Twitter.
As I write this the current high tweet is #harryandmeghan on the day of their wedding, everyone wants a bit of it

No breaks in #words

When doing a  #marketingandsocialmedia for example you will notice that there are no spaces even though spell check desperately wants to fix my bad typing.

You should not put spaces in the words or it does not work

Marketing and social media

Can you overuse them?

Reports say that the use of two or three gets the best results with two outperforming more.
Some say to do as many as possible but Google is a funny beast and again I believe more is not better.

Can you use them in your post?

Yes you can use #posts and I have purposely used a couple in this article but again relevance is the guide to this.

The theory behind # tags was originally started on Twitter to search for articles that you were interested in, just like keywords with a difference.
They have now spread to be common on almost all social media channels. The one stands out is Linked in Desk top that at the time of this article does not use tags.
Interestingly though they have managed to use them in the mobile application. They are evidently trying to catch up.

Finally, what are the most popular tags for small businesses to use and be found easily?

Marketing and social media

#Entrepreneur   #Entrepreneurship  #Business  #Startups  #Wealth  #Success

#Marketing  #SmallBiz  #BusinessOwner  #Passion  #OnlineBusiness

#ResidualIncome  #Leadership  #ThinkBig  #BeYourOwnBoss  #StartupLife

#Ambition  #OnlineMarketing  #HardWork  #GoodLife

Further reading; Do bloggers make money

Marketing and social media

Use them as you will.

Marketing and social media is just a part of business life so ignore it at your peril.

In conclusion, this is part of a series found at Newbusinessonline under the category of social media

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Marketing and social media

Peter Hanley


Internet and business

Internet and business, are they friends or enemies?

Internet and business

First of all, I don’t want to go over every available service on the web, we could be writing a book on the subject. Furthermore, the book would be out-of-date before we had it published.

Knowing the main products is necessary for every business owner to manage their marketing and communications better.


The old way v the new way

In the olden days just a few short years ago we only had a few ways to market our business. One was the dreadfully expensive Yellow Pages that there simply had to be in. Here you paid from just a few grand a month right through to Hundreds of thousands per year. Did it work? Yes because it was the only game in town for consistent inquiries.

Newspapers and magazines gave instant hits as did some local marketing like brochure drops and outbound mail.

All were expensive and the returns often marginal

Internet and business, the new way.

I envy the young, they grow up in the internet age so it is a natural fit. For the older business owner, the transition has been a lot harder, change is never easy.

Online marketing has brought about the demise of paper-based books. The Yellow pages have all but gone and many other media along with them.

Certainly, the WWW is now the master and there to take their dollars and convert them into sales. Unlike other media where costs rise every year the web has got cheaper, faster and more efficient. The advent of competition and new tools has meant that a simple thing like building a web page is no longer a mystery: in fact is something anyone can do.

Google has a lot to answer for, most of it good.

Email back where it startedInternet and business

The email came into popular use around the turn of the century and has grown to be an everyday product. Who could survive without it? We all understand and use email so Let’s move on.

What about Facebook?

This was built as a social forum to connect like-minded people. It then grew to be the most influential media around as they turned it into a Money machine.

As the money focus took control some have turned their backs on social media and its impact.

Recently privacy issues have surfaced that may also drive some to hide from the site, albeit temporarily.

Facebook still remains a dominant product with all its nuances so ignore it at their peril.


What did they do when being attached?

In the case of Facebook, they bought two companies that had the same client profile, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Among the many smaller purchases they made this two stand out.

Instagram has been a huge success for developing businesses and should be in the pocket of any business.


Internet and business

I have seen this product flourish and drive business to a new level. I have a friend who operates her business only on Instagram linking to great success. There is also the immortal story of an Australian girl Kayla Itenes that became a millionaire using Instagram. Ignore this at their peril.

Linked-in for business

What can we say, want details on people in business, want staff, head-hunt, background it’s all here on Linked-in.

Are their on it or in it. there should be if their want to be found.

Other great products

There is a host of communications products on the market and sites for other purposes than business.

You can find them on a simple search but one that will see massive change is messaging.

Messaging on the internet

SMS has principally been a Telecoms product via the mobile networks. It is robust and has stood the test of time.

SMS is now an internet product working from emails on the web making it a more internet product.

It is however still a product of the telephone carriers who control price and access.

That is today but what about tomorrow?

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  • Is Google a good choice for communication? With the exception of email, Google is not considered a leader in person-to-person communication apps and services. Skype, owned by Microsoft, tops the video calling space. Facebook dominates social media. Slack leads business chat-room messaging. WhatsApp rules mobile messaging. And besides the big platforms from the big companies, hundreds of startups have created appealing and innovative communications apps and services.

Google offers 11 communications apps and services. Alphabetically, these are Allo, Chat, Gmail, Google+, Groups, Hangouts, Inbox, Messenger, Duo, Project Fi and Voice. If their look at the various communication actions there might want to take — voice calls, video calls, email, text messaging and social posting — Google has at least two offerings for each. ( Taken from Computer World)
Unfortunately, Google is also well-known to simply drop a product that is not working so adopt with caution.

I for one find messenger clunky to use but then again I am old. The younger seem to have adopted it as a first choice product.

Google is now about to release a new web-based product called chat. This may change the world as we know it. charging for Chat is not message based but simply comes out of their data allowance so a few bits of data in a message is minimal compared to current pricing.

This has a little way to go yet and will probably be launched as an analogue mobile phone product and a desktop application. Negotiations are still unclear whether Apple will join the band or go their own way, Stay tuned for this one because it may change the world of messaging as we know it.

The Humble Fax machine

Internet and business

Is this an internet product? It sure is now with the old clunker machine relegated to the bin. Sending and receiving faxes on the internet is easier and considerably less expensive than ever before.

There will be no fax machines within a few short years, now that’s an internet change.

YouTube a game changer for business.

Is their tube an internet business tool or kids playground? Have their ever wanted to demonstrate something? Show a product, explain something graphically? Well, To tube is the answer. The ideal business tool.

It is a mass storage device for all types of videos and can be connected to anywhere by anyone at any time.

It sells, it shows it builds businesses so grab this by the handle and use it now.



This handful of products should form the backbone of every business. A multimedia mix of products that will drive consumers through the doors at a price any business can afford.

Internet and business

Peter Hanley