Fear of the Internet

Fear of the internet


Fear of the internet


We all experience fear or anxiety as we enter the unknown.

The issues we cannot confront despite a nagging need to do them.

This may be In life as well as the Internet journey.

Learning new skills always comes with that feeling that you may not be able to cope

It is what holds us back from achieving greatness beyond our safe place.

Sometimes it is called procrastination, delaying the start of something because it takes you out from your comfort zone. Every day it gets harder to tackle an issue that really demands your attention

It might be just a small issue like not understanding something. You think you will fail and that holds you back from trying. The pain you feel won’t be physical; it will leave you emotionally distraught and build on a feeling of failure.

Avoiding learning new things

As I work on the internet and all things in the cloud we find many things we can’t do. It seems impossible as we try and work out way through a problem.

So what can we do?

My first solution is to sleep on it and let the solution morph into my mind at 2 am in the morning with a eureka moment. it actually happens quite often and you think to yourself ” that was really quite easy”

Next is Google answers. If you can articulate the problem there is a very good chance you can Google a solution. This is for so many problems on the net and in life.

Find a working group that has a question and answer chat session. I use Wealthy Affiliate that has a free group for just this purpose. There is usually someone that has a had a similar problem and can find you an answer.

Find a course on the subject that may cover the issue in the training. Again I use Wealthy Affiliate training for this.

Last of all is to find a workaround that goes past the problem or completely avoids it and tackles it from a different direction.

Hiding from your issuesFear of the internet


What you then do is to hide from the issue and put it on the Days to-do list repeating it every day.

And never confronting the issue.

There is a saying from the past that states “Eat a frog every day”

Yuk, who would want to do that I heard you cry?

What it conveys is to take a hard task and work on it to a finish, by doing it in small bites.
We all have these issues that create a blind spot in our planning.

It may be an athlete, a race car driver, a high diver or simply walking in the dark. If you take no risks you achieve no gains

But they actually build momentum and stifle your other activities. They sit in the back of your mind creating anxiety and avoidance.

When you confront the fear and actually work through it the sense of accomplishment is really magnified making your day so much better.

Confront your fear

in conclusion, I say take a hard task, confront your fears and earn the euphoria that will overwhelm you when you achieve success.

Just saying.

Fear of the internet

Peter Hanley


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