Internet marketing training beginners

How about Internet marketing training beginners to help out the new kids wanting to achieve results, here Peter Hanley takes you by the hand and leads you forth

Internet marketing training beginners
The journey

What is Internet marketing and how to get training

Nearly all business marketing is now done on the internet, from emails to Twitter and all in between.

It has been steady growth since about the year 2000 with new products regularly being introduced.
You Tube 

Its a lot to learn and a lot to do

My best advice on Social media

Learn one media in full and practice that before moving on.
I will take you to University for free but it takes time, your time in learning about the internet.

This is not your usual pay on entry and then keep paying. This is entirely free to do the training and the only cost is when you are ready to build websites and make some money

Read the reviews and follow the blogs and pick your training from hundreds of subjects

Pick your training module

Emails are still a product that works as well now as anytime in the past 20 years.
You must, however, follow a few simple rules and in a recent blog, I have gone over this to help you

Further beginner training

I regularly blog on all sorts of small business ideas and internet ways to gather customers for business or Affiliate marketing on the internet.
My site New Business Online has nearly 200 free articles many with giving away products and ideas to quickly elevate your internet experience.

Any new experience requires a commitment in time and sometimes money to learn everything you need to know.

That is why a general overview is good and then select an area in which you wish to excel. It may be Web page building. SEO, one of the Social Media platforms email marketing or even SMS

The University of the Internet

I can not teach you internet in one blog post. What I can do is take you by the hand and keep you from harm’s way.
Ask anyone that knows internet marketing and they will tell you about a list of products bought from the market. $10 products to $5000 products to speak internet. 

Buying training programs is not necessary

I am Guilty. I have files of programs that have taught me little and cost me lots and just about everyone else is in the same boat.

Eventually, I came across one product that had the answers. There is no upfront cost and no upgrade charges until you want to start your own websites.
The most you will ever pay is $49 a month with 50 included websites. 
As I say if you just want the training it costs nothing.
Here is just a sample  of our training
This is about starting your journey and what you need to do. It is written and aural but do both as they do include different elements.

Take a social media option

 You can pick your training from the basic 70 modules that assign you over 207 simple tasks so you really get a hold on what you learn.

Perhaps Web building is your buzz or any of the other elements you can choose but I advise not.
Why? you scream at your computer so I shall tell you.
When I started and because I knew it all I skimmed the course missed the Audio logs and jumped around. 
Eventually, I went back and started from day one and did it properly.

The internet changes regularly so how do you keep up?

I did a recent blog on the changes in just Social media over the past few years and you need to keep up.

At Wealthy affiliate, members are regularly posting training programmes on all sorts of subjects. Where to make money, How to make money changes to websites.

Just recently WordPress the most used website builder did a 360-degree change to building website. It horrified many and there was great resistance to change. So much So WordPress allowed the old method to continue.

Learning WordPress 5 is not difficult. change is difficult for many established players and it will take time. I embrace change because it is generally done with a purpose to better the product.

My point here is that constant learning is necessary because the internet curve is constant.
With this training, you stay ahead of the market and can pass your knowledge to your industry or market

In conclusion on the internet training

You have an advantage starting now, you can learn from the mistakes of others and advance your learning at a far greater rate. 10 years ago half the products were not yet thought off and 10 years time there will be many more.

Internet marketing training with
Wealthy Affiliate

By Peter Hanley a 30+ year small business and internet marketing coach


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