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How many words in a post

How many words in a post is a challenge all writers have. Here we offer some ideas that tell you what and how to achieve the best results

The real question should be,  How Good Is Your Content?

Writing a 300-word post takes about an hour from go to finish but will it get readers to respond.

The use of long-form posts has become the IN game recently with many pushing the 2500-word extreme.

I started with 300-word posts and struggled to get enough words in, now I struggle to contain the words to under 1000 in a method I use.

For interest
Recent research by the Hook agency revealed the following reader’s idea of how many words a post should be, this is how they voted
27% 300-700
51% 700-1500
15% 1500-2300
7% >2300

So to get the best results around 1000 looks ideal.
To achieve this level of words  I enter a few subject lines first that apply to my writing and then fill in the words to a short style document.

How many words are in a sentence?

Sentences should be kept short and to the point. Long-winded writing is not on.

How many sentences in a Paragraph?

Limit the number to 2-4 sentences in a paragraph. You must remember we are dealing with short attention span readers that move quickly

How many paragraphs between headings?

Paragraphs under headings should also be limited to just a few say 2-3

With all the above you have some limits but your headings really make the difference.

The more headings, the more writing, the better the reading and the best SEO.

So we need to aim at about 1200 words a post

It really comes down to content. Neil Patel says if you can say it in 200 words say it but if it takes 2500 use them all.

No doubt Google penalizes short-form posts and one of the reasons may be content.
Google praises good content so 200 words may just be easier to analyze.

How you read a blog

They, being the experts, tell me readers look at the first, middle, and last paragraphs when they speed read. This means a concentration on opening and closing may be important although Google may read differently. No one knows what Google thinks, a mystery.

How many words in a post by Peter hanley

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