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How to start an online business free



So you want to get rich online with little money.

How to start an online business free is really easy and Here Peter Hanley adds some great ideas.

Is this just a pipe dream or can it really be achieved by the average Joe?

The internet is full off get rich schemes and generally, there is only one person that gets rich.

You got it, it’s the get rich promoter who takes your money and delivers your dreams.

But, my friend dreams don’t achieve anything, the action gets results.

Follow me as I take you on this little journey and provide a few healthy tips to save you time and money.

First up is the fact that you must contribute some time to work at this. Although saying that I should backpedal a bit and say you need to go back to school for awhile.

You must learn some basics about the internet and what it has to offer, about web pages, blogs, Social media, SEO and who sells what.

Can you learn all this for free? The answer is yes you can at somewhere like Wealthy Affiliate that takes you from day one right through to making money and without spending a dime.

Or, you can find any amount of courses that can hit you for fees up to about $20 grand if you want to spend money.

 Beware the bad

Only recently one of these was closed down. It was called MOBE and had an entry fee of just $49 with a great promise. What it achieved was to extract more money from you as you followed the dream to empty bank accounts and no results. They were very successful and amassed a huge amount of money that was taken back by the US Feds, Countless people lost so much never to get a return.

How to start an online business free
This author invested the $49 to have a look but backed out following pressure tactics to go to another level. I saved my money.

I cite this as a warning, a very necessary one because this is just one of many out there looking for you.

Online businesses take many forms although the biggest is undoubtedly Amazon. They are also quite safe to deal with. They do have a University course that is probably a good investment but the initial training can be very useful at Amazon

Be the Master

Now the next opportunities are really exciting because you are the master.

The focus is important because the opportunities on the Net are so varied that you can’t do them all.

With Social media for example businesses should include at least one of these mainstream products like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked in or any others in current demand.

Learn one of these intimately and then contact local businesses to manage the product.

This should only take a few weeks and start to fund your expansion.

Having seen this firsthand  I know it works. A close friend just pulled a $25k contract doing Facebook marketing, all from Home.
She concentrated on Facebook took a few courses and learnt her way to manage a project that runs over several months.
The important message is she did the work first, spent days and nights getting an education that would pay off.
You could go to College for a year and learn less than is available on the Web at your own time and for free.

Local directories

Local directories search is another area that you can specialize in that can deliver instant results for the business.

There are local directories in every area. They don’t usually generate a lot of calls but they do help with Search Engine performance. Once you have collected all the necessary contacts and a bit of an idea of how to market then you will have several thousand customers near you willing to employ your services.
I can list about 15 local and trade directories available in my area. Yo just need to search under any term and they will appear.

Read that as you collecting a database of customers. You can then move on to a social media engineering role.

You won’t find this one simple idea in many places because it is a hidden agenda that not many realize exists. You could do it for free to gather customers to move into a real earning platform in Social media.

How do you get customers?

Well, there is the good old fashion phone for a starter, ring and ask.

You can, with a bit of learning find them with Facebook marketing.

Or if all else fails you can do a bit of door knocking.

You just need to pose the question, are you aware of the many local directories available and their impact on your business. Then it is simply I can do this for you for x $ to save you the time.

Customer gained and income earned how good is that?

Businesses have a need. Facebook posting is useless unless it is consistent and persistent.

Instagram is the same and business owners simply do not have time. You can program posts to go out over a period of time so it really becomes an easy task, a task at which you are the master.

There are many ways to make an income without investing money but you must trade dollars for time.

How to start an online business free

Learn a trade at the Wealthy affiliate for free today

For a lot more information visit my website at New Business online

Peter Hanley

How to start an online business free


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