Improve WordPress SEO

Improve WordPress SEO

Improve WordPress SEO

How to Improve WordPress SEO is a subject that is not as hard as it looks or sounds.

It is a simple matter of following some rules and starting at the right point.

Where to start?


First of all Use Yoast SEO or All in one SEO Plugin

since these two plug Ins do most of the heavy lifting for you. As a result, I have always been a fan of Yoast SEO because it tells you where you are going wrong with instructions and a final green light on Writing and SEO

All in one SEO has good links to Google and social media so it adds many other benefits.

Of recent times I have started using both to cover every eventuality


Improve WordPress SEO

This is one of the most important features in WordPress that must be established before you start.

Your Keyword should be in your Title, your first paragraph and an H2-3 heading in a post or page.

When I started this post I started with a Keyword that has a reasonable chance of being rated. I used the free Jaaxy tool at Wealthy Affiliate to find out the traffic and degree of difficulty. Consequently, I  built the post around that set of words

How to Improve WordPress SEO

Content is King and the set up is important. Each post should be a minimum of 300 words with a target finish at about 1500 words.
You need at least 5 headings and a dozen or more paragraphs.
Spell check is imperative and I use a three-fold approach. I have Grammarly installed for all writing, This is a free Product from the net. My Template builder has word and grammar check installed and when I transfer to Word Press I use their one. Yes, you may mess up the odd word but generally, end up with a great product.

Pictures make it easy to read as do short sentences.
Hence the use of subheading after no more than 300 words is vital.


Improve WordPress SEO

A really important part of the page. They should relate to what you are writing about and have The Alternative text box filled out with your page title

Social Media

Linking social media to your website will really help your results.
I always recommend you being on LinkedIn with a photo and good Bio coming back to the site. Then it’s your choice on Facebook ( recommended)

Instagram or any othersImprove WordPress SEO

Google plus

Being seen on Google, Bing and other search engines is an absolute must.

Therefore your SEO plugins will help with this.


.Improve WordPress SEO

The next easy way to SEO

One other critical element is knowing that your site is properly set up.

For Beginners and Not so beginners, this is quite difficult. I use a cheap
plugin called SEO Audit.

It fixes small errors and tells you where you can improve the site. You can buy it at Warrior forum for just a few dollars in a one-time payment for all your sites. A really good investment. SEO Audit


Following the rules and using the tools available does make a horror job somewhat achievable.

Finally, There is a lot of free training at Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend you venture there for a look.

Furthermore, the training will provide a greater insight into the subject

Improve WordPress SEO
Peter Hanley


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