SEO with internet marketing

SEO with internet marketing

This is just the tip of the iceberg in detailing all you need to know about this great subject.

Let’s clear up a couple of points first before we dig right in.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization or being found on the Internet when people are looking for you or what you sell.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo convert words that you enter linking to what you want.

They then take you to your web page.


SEO with internet marketing

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing comes in many forms. Wikipedia

Web pages

Social media Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc


Email marketing

Ads, display, pop up, follow or retargeting,

Any marketing done through the Internet is included.

How does SEO affect Internet marketing

SEO is the road to you, it is your address, where and what you sell and it needs to be done correctly.

You must be easy to find at any time someone does a search on the internet. Either by your name, product, brand or location. You may want to buy a pair of shoes, Nike, Runner, male sizes 8+ in Earls court London area.

OK, one advert, 88 search results with eBay and Gum tree plus a host of other topics. One store stocks them.

Where would you go?

Keywords which ones?

SEO with internet marketingYou have Broad Keywords and niche keywords and they are different but the same.

If you search Health products, for instance, you have 1.53 billion searches to be found using this broad term.

“Health products in the UK to cure arthritis in young people” long tail keyword about 2 million searches.

But how can you be on page one of 2 million searches?

Well, first up you can buy a position at the top of the list. Every time someone clicks on you it costs money.

AD words Is a great example of this and the cost varies on demand. When it started you paid pennies now in tens of dollars per click.

The other way Is SEO. Now, this is a skill set you would need to learn or buy. It has many variables with the main ones being Keywords, site trust, domain address, quality of web page etc

If your domain name was you start at the head of the queue for searches in that term.

Meta description. Now we are getting technical but basically what your web presence is about. So if I arrive at Nike shoes in my suburb and there are several choices I will pick the one with the best description or sale patter or discount.

What tools can you use for WordPress?

There is any number of people that sell you on this. I get about three emails a day promising to better my SEO.

If you are using a WordPress site there are a couple of great Plugins that help with this. Both Yoast SEO and All in one SEO are great tools of the trade. They prompt you to load in your keywords your meta description and other vital components

Where do You get training on web building?

This is a very extensive category that can not be answered in a 1000 or so word article.

SEO with internet marketing

I use Wealthy affiliate for all my training from start to finish. It’s free to start and provides in-depth training.

What results do you expect with SEO

What you achieve with SEO is success or failure. Get found or get lost in the market.

You can have a nice web page, but if no one arrives at it you have nothing. As the old advertising slogan goes

“it’s like winking at a girl in the dark” Only you know.




In Conclusion

This is just the tip of the iceberg as I stated at the start.

It is things you must know if you are in business, not necessarily to do it your self but not get oversold.


SEO with internet marketing


Peter Hanley

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