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Increase Organic Traffic Website

How to increase Organic traffic to your website. Here we look at some traffic building ideas that may help your website grow.

More great ways to build traffic

  • Follow ad words traffic
  • Use power words
  • General ideas
  • Click to link

Using click to link

Using click to link is a whole new experience that should be used on Websites and Face book posts

How Ad-words can help your traffic?

With nearly every Keyword you will find paid advertising at the top of the page. Ads are expensive and a lot of process goes into finding the correct words. Search your chosen Keyword and see what they are saying and take a hint from them. Pick out the best words and combine to make your page description drag readers into your website.
This one simple act is quicker than keyword research.

Use Power words throughout your description

  • Right now
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • fast
  • Easy
  • Today
  • Immediate

These words will bring readers to heel and grab their attention. 


I like to link to other helpful sites as well as prior posts I have written on a range of subjects so it is easy to supply a step to other training on a subject like selecting a keyword

I don’t mind sending you to other experts in the trade and one I particularly like is Brian Dean who does some great video blogs on this subject.

Another is the training at Wealthy Affiliate where I have attached a real-world sample of the free training at this great site. Do the video and the written notes to get the best exposure to the subject. You can find another 500 or so training series at this site by registering in for free.

Increase organic traffic to your website
Grow your followers with internal linking

Share Triggers

Getting people to share your site or recommend it to others comes down to content.
At the bottom of the Blog is a comment section that will start a conversation about the subject. More importantly, it also gives a backlink back to your site one of the page building techniques we aim for.

Link to Social media

There is no doubt that social media plays a big part in your web site SEO and to increase  Organic traffic to your website. You may choose Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or twitter as your target or in fact all of them if you are so fancy. I like to concentrate on one and do it properly.

Videos and PodCasts

This was the year of the podcast becoming ever popular and guest speaking is as good as your own podcast, in fact, better if you manage a branded site.

Videos and YouTube are a must for every site. YouTube is now a very searched media and offers countless opportunities to get leads. One easy builder is at Content Samurai where you can create a Video in about half an hour and it is so easy. Give it a try

Just touching on Organic traffic

You can not expect to learn everything about increasing organic traffic in one go but what you can do is to try a new element regularly so that they become part of the daily presence 

We haven’t talked about Keywords where it all starts or page set up  for SEO
Another that is necessary is using WordPress 5 a whole new way to build web pages and compete with the free page builders being sold on the market.

  • Do something new every time you build a post or Page
  • Revisit your old posts and bring them up to date
  • Submit them to google for desktop and mobile devices
  • Have a list on your page, google loves it 
  • Learn Video and use it
  • Write longer content even up to 3000 words

Finally, do some training every day on a subject that will help you

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Peter Hanley is a veteran of over 35 years in small business marketing including taking a one-man business to a stock market listing. He realized early on the importance of the Internet for business and has taken this as a passion to pass on to new and existing users.

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