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Make money working from home cold calling



Make money working from home cold calling can lead to a better than average income and in half the office hours.


Cold calling from home

This is a challenge that many businesses don’t want to do but they need a continuous flow of contacted clients.

This is the perfect home occupation as all you need are a Computer, An unlimited call package phone and a list.

Then it’s just a matter of cold calling away, or is it.

Sounds pretty easy but let’s not kid ourselves. It is an art that needs to be perfect.

To get started you need an objective, what you want to achieve. Precisely lay out the result you are targeting. You are not there to waste your time or theirs.

Not everyone loves you.

The first thing you need is an understanding that not everyone wants what you are selling.

Develop a bit of a thick skin and get over the rejection hurdle. It is not personal.

The script needs to, first of all,  follow a theme.  This should be written down but not read exactly as it is.

What is AIDA

I like the AIDA principle a design that has stood the test of time.

First of all though is to determine if you are speaking with a decision maker. Ask the question “are you the right person to talk to?”
So many times we read off a great script and sail along until they say something like a great idea but you need to talk to the boss. Time wasted don’t forget to ask


Your attention line is important because you only have a few seconds to get them interested.

Things like “How are you Today” may get attention but seriously annoy them, I know it does me.

Often I like to send a pre-email and then I can introduce myself and ask if they got the mail. This creates a bit of panic as they do a quick search.

Work on your opening and don’t be afraid to make a few changes until you get it right.


Build a story and the best stories have a bit of a promise of more to come. What the product is, what it does and Did you know what results were gained from those that have tried this.

Time is important because the average attention span is limited. Their thoughts are easily diverted away from you with other local activities so push some hard points and promises.


Why do they need your product, just what it will do for them and the massive benefits they will gain from taking this opportunity?

Use all the tricks to get them worked up and so they can see the benefits and just about feel them as you grow the demand for the product.

Colour and imagery are great tools as you use the Imagine button. Imagine if this generated tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue.
How good would you feel when this starts a Viral procession of new business.

Let them see themselves as winning and achieving not living in self-doubt.



What they need to do, when and how.
This depends on your objective with the call.

Can I make a booking on the 8th at say 9 am rather than would you like an appointment?
Which is your best email
Do you want to order now

Whatever the original objective was to ask for the result you want.  Most of all no beating around the bush go for it you must do it.

Now my final word on this. If you get a yes at any stage shut the front door. Stop talking and retreat with the order in hand, too many times we talk through an order


Did we mention a list?

If you are working for someone they should supply it. Local directories are good as with Google Yellow or pink pages local search can show hundreds in a category.

A phone book or local directory online. Furthermore go through the area codes and stay in your target location.

What to charge?

The best way is an hourly rate with a performance bonus. Look up telemarketing in your area and get a good idea of what is being charged by others. Therefore don’t go low and undersell yourself. People love to pay for the best so, be that when you are discussing price. It is a telemarketing role so sell your self.

Where to get customers?

You can advertise on places like Ebay or the local equivalent or ring businesses around you that may be targeted. Everyone wants a good marketer.

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