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Make money working from home

Make money working from home

How many ways are there to make money working from home?

The list is very long and the products many depending on your skill sets.

I recently wrote a book on this available to download for free with 100+ work from home ideas. ( free link below)

I have also posted many articles on this subject in different ways to make money.

You can sell things both physical and online

You can promote your own skills and knowledge by training. Coaching or mentoring.

The question I am most asked is what can I do or sell if I don’t have any money?

Nothing comes for free, life is unfair like that, you rarely, if ever, get showered in buckets of gold
whilst sitting in the lounge chair wishing for wealth.

It ain’t going to happen.

It reminds me of the woman that prayed to god every night asking to win the Lottery.

This went on for many years until at last god answered her.

Make money working from home

In his booming voice, God said to the woman, “So you want to win the lottery? Can you at least help me out and buy a ticket!”

There are no free lunches nothing comes without effort but again they tell me God helps those that help themselves.
This is not a religious exercise I am just trying to get across that Action works.

You need Internet training

If you want to work online and use the Internet to make your fortune you, first of all, need a bit of training. You need to know about websites, and funnels, about keywords and SEO and all about marketing online.

There are a lot of online courses but you must be very aware of the muddy waters of the internet that are teaming with sharks. They will make big promises and offer to get rich schemes that are designed around getting them rich, not you.

I have been doing this for a few years now and learned from experience the many pitfalls that await you.

Be careful of training courses

I have a pile of courses that I have never completed, shiny objects to instant wealth I have bought.

And never used so let me start you on the right path.

One such scheme got you in with a $49 investment that quickly rose into thousands of dollars. You don’t have $5000 to spare that’s ok we have a finance company that will lend it to you.

That company was called MOBE and is now in the hands of the feds.

Yes, there are some good ones but they are fairly rare depending on what you want to achieve.

Nearly everything that you attempt these days is connected to the Internet. A web page, social media marketing.

Specialize on the Internet

Specializing in any one of these is a great way to start a journey to making some coin in both the short and long term. Take some time and learn a subject and then on-sell this learning to others.

If this sounds too simple it’s not, Facebook marketing, emailing, local directories pin interest, online shop the list of opportunities is long.

All this is available at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s for free until you wish to upgrade.

You need some basic knowledge before you start on any direction.

Say you wanted to sell widgets from home. Putting these on Facebook will deliver an endless stream of customers if you do it the right way. But, you need to learn first.

You can go to Amazon university, Udemy or other great training resources although mostly at a cost

and they will implant ideas in your head. Ideas on which you can start to build a dream.

Let’s get started today, log into Wealthy Affiliate and start some basic training that will provide all the answers on how to make money working from home.

I know you are looking for instant answers, they are all there it just needs you to make a start and look for what is the best model for you.

I can’t give you a pot of gold but I have just given you the Rainbow, It’s there if you want to look.

Peter Hanley

Make money working from home


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