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Trying to find customers in any marketing is hard but MLM adds a tier of difficulty. Here Peter Hanley introduces a proven way to MLM free leads.

Growth hacking

One new entrant to the market is doing things a bit different and experiencing real results.
We have all tried earning money or clicks by
spending, or should I say wasting time clicking on other peoples sites to earn a few tokens.

It’s the newby trap looking for good leads that will drive our own marketing.

We also spend money on getting clicks but these are useless unless people read what you have to say.

yea, its great to see lot’s of traffic but if none of it stops in to have a chat and buy something it is a total waste for everyone.

Bounce rate is as important as traffic.

I try to manage my bounce rate as much as I do traffic because this is the shopper experience.
Some will say, so where do you get this, and my answer is Google analytics. If you are not using this free tool hop to it right now. Off you go because if you don’t know what is happening on your site you are pushing the proverbial uphill with a pointed stick.

Plus the rest of this post will mean nothing to you.

Now Google does some awful things with traffic that us Lay people will never understand. They make changes that impact us all and there is nothing you can do about it.

Whilst writing this November 2018 many at Wealthy affiliate are complaining of a sudden decrease in traffic as a result of Sir Google.

What can you do about it? Well, the answer is perennial. Write a better product, write for Mobile phones, Use better Keywords or get some more traffic.

Whooo, you say spend money on traffic you have tried that with poor results and no return.

That my friend is about to change as I introduce you to the new kid on the block

I would never lead you to a product that has no guarantee. I have tried many and fallen foul of the return policy so I just love a try before you buy offer.

Try before you buy

A company that offers a free service, although limited in volume certainly understands the market. I stepped in and got a monthly free service just to see the results.

I was really amazed that my clicks went up by over 200% and my Open rate went down by about 30%
and it took about a minute of my time.

Beliefe is in the pudding

Ok, so no holding back anymore as I just know you desperately want to try this out for free, test the results and leave me a comment. Ok; just thank me later

The answer is Pingl and your free service is
right here, now, you can be going in maybe 5 minutes and check the results and see for your self.

Notification referer service

Pingl is a growth hacking technology dedicated to qualified lead acquisition mainly for B2B transactions. Growth hacking is used by the giants of the tech industry, in particular, to grow their user’s database.

It is guaranteed and has a powerful reach to your market and selectable by country and language.

What more can I say, use the free version every month forevermore if you do nothing else

MLM free leads by Peter Hanley


SMS marketing, image of authorPeter Hanley
I put my face and name to all products and stories as my own guarantee of continued quality.

ps Did I say Pingle has a referral program. Sure does so log in and check it out but don’t expect riches with free services, just saying.

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