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Why would you want to read my blog?

Why would you want to read my blog? First of all to see what I have to say, more importantly how I say it and what action you will take because of my content.

Blog writing starts with the end in mind.

You are writing your blog to achieve a goal. That goal may be to convince people that paleo is the diet of choice, Nike is the best shoes, The world is really flat or any conversation you wish to have.

Do you want to know exactly how to achieve this?

There is more than one way to write a Blog

First of all, A blog is a story to be told, A story that won’t be read unless your title has intrigue. No matter how good the story, unless the cover gets you in nothing, will happen. There are however exceptions to this.

  • A subject of great Interest still needs to be exciting
  • An Author you follow. Not everything ill is read
  • A great photo at the start, halfway there
  • Using celebrities to headline your story
  • Posting a mystery to be solved, gets them every time
  • Intrigue, a bit of mystery
  • A brand. Something you follow but the title still opens the page

So no matter the subject the title is the second most important element.

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What takes your interest

I get lots of emails and read just a few. I search many articles and read-only selected entries usually on the first page.

This all then comes down to niche blogging and defining your Niche.
If I am into fishing I won’t read housing sales and If I am into Flycasting I won’t read deepsea trawling.
The art of defining a niche is really important because that is how you will be found.

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Pick a Niche and let’s get going

The most important element is Your Niche

A niche can be too broad as in the subject fishing for example when I am interested in Trout fishing during winter on Lake Ontario.
If I Googled just fishing I would never get to my desired location and find out what I wanted to know.
When I get to Lake Ontario then the subject line will draw me into what I will read, it will probably be in the first four entries on page one of a search.

Creating a Brand for your blog

This is not an overnight item and it may take months or years to have a Brand that people follow. When you are considered an expert in your particular niche you may pull a following of people with similar interests.
This comes back to the Know, like and trust formula for internet marketing.
Think about who you follow and why? You will have seen prior material, almost certainly a photo of them and have liked an article written by them.

I personally don’t know any Fishermen in Ontario having picked that out of thin air but I do follow certain people.

At Wealthy Affiliate where there are over a million bloggers many on a daily basis, I follow just a handful of the top contributors because what they have to say is generally relevant but contains factual information.

Saying this I am still attracted by the subject line and maybe the pretty picture before I commit my time to read the article.

Although we are in the same niche of internet marketing that has a billion sub-niches I have followed them for their brand. They are high achievers and want to help others in interesting ways to achieve better results.

Halfway through this blog and we have not yet got down to what we want to say

My point in all this is that you can write all day and no one will ever read it unless you promote your self, your niche or brand and have a way to market.
There is no doubt that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social media entities provide a pathway to your door. Either organically or paid searches
but they, the visitors, still have to drink from the well.

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Blogging tips

Some niches are easier than others, what to look for.

I guess this is not rocket science although it mostly comes down to how broad the search terms are or how local you wish to be. The narrower the search term and the area for the greater the chance of being read.

Now to blog writing and three must do’s

At last, you say what are the tips on writing a good blog?

Spelling, headings and pictures are my first three issues. No one wants to see a lot of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors as you read. You will lose readers very quickly. I use a free product at Grammarly to help me.
For the speed-readers heading summarise the writing and pictures pull them to attention.

There should be no more than 300 words between headings and over 1000 words a blog is good

headings should range down with the largest H1 at the top and the smallest at the bottom.

Other blog writing tips you need to know.

You should write in a positive voice being the authority than you are and include many transition words throughout the article. I use the Yoast Seo Plugin for word press that corrects me for my failings.

Next and no less importantly is both Internal and external linking to your other writing and outside sources as reference material.

I use here as an example Wikipedia

Where can you get more information on blogging

I use the free training at a wealthy affiliate where many guest bloggers lead the way in telling you how it should be. This training by my friend Israel titled Blogging is fun and you won’t get bored and is worth a read.

Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting platform, training system and affiliate program that leaves all others behind. It starts out free for a basic service including a free blog page. You will learn the difference between a Blog, a Page and a Funnel and how best to get to your market

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In conclusion, I believe this can be fun, interesting therapeutic and make you money. The trick is in how you achieve it. Without basic training, you have little chance of success. To improve your chances and join me at Wealthy Affiliate

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