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Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate


Nirvana; the ultimate state of enlightment


Wealthy Affiliate is based in the USA  and has over 1.5 million active users.


So what makes it so different to all the others out there?


Having been a web user for some time I have seen the good and the bad.

Is it a scam or a get rich scheme is always the first question you should ask.

get-rich-quick scheme is a plan to obtain high rates of return for a small  investment

Said Wikipedia.

Where do we start? The beginning is always good so let’s look at how you get into the WA community.

First of all, you need no money to enter and to stay forever. Does that sound too good to be true?

What you need to understand in the beginning is a term called UPSELL.
You will often find this when you buy a $19.99 product. Then to make it work it costs another $99 then another $499 and on it goes until they clear out your account
You will have been part of this or you will be in your journey on the net.

It is true to get the full benefit of WA it is going to cost some money.
Otherwise, they would go broke and disappear.
Fortunately, they have about 1.5 million paying customers
so the future looks bright.

The important issue

The important issue is you only pay when you are ready and have done your homework and completely satisfied they will deliver on their promise to you.

The name Wealthy affiliate is sometimes misleading because it portrays itself as an income builder so what else does it do to help you?

EducationReviews on Wealthy Affiliate

This is arguably the best training course for all things Internet. Starter course and an advanced course covering anything you need.

Web Hosting

Premium web hosting with one free site with an included domain and another free shared domain.

You can step up to a 25 domain hosting site for a fee.

Purchase domains

Pricing on this in the first year is at a general market level but subsequent years tend to be cheaper than major competitors.

Keyword tool

Who else includes a Keyword tool for free. I use this every day to select my words.Reviews on Wealthy AffiliateIf you don’t understand Keywords all the training is available

WordPress website builder

Once upon a time, building websites were almost impossible and now it’s almost impossible for even a rank armature not to succeed. Again you have full training.


Things like Https included, site speed included site stats included and more

Making money

This is the bit you really wanted. Well, want no more, Wealthy affiliate will share many ways to make money and the least of all promoting WA. Achieve a  regular income and take a fully paid trip to Vegas Just for your promotion. How good would that be?

Well log in for all the details at Wealthy Affiliate

Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate by Peter Hanley

Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate


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