wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO. An Easy game changer.

wordpress SEO

What is SEO and what can you do about it

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results.Wikipedia

It is how people find you without you paying for advertising to bring them to your website.

It is not as hard as you may think because of great plugins used in WordPress.

In the past like a couple of years ago you needed an expert to do this for you, companies charged hundreds and thousands a month to promote your site to the top of the list. Now, this is becoming easier as products and plugins make it a lot simpler.

Yoast SEO v All in one SEO

Yoast SEO is my long-term favourite because it tells you, on every post or page what to do to improve

your writing skills and also your SEO input. Once you meet the desired range you get a green Tick of acceptance.

There are rules with good SEO and these should always be followed, Yoast tells you what you have done well and what you should improve on.

wordpress SEO

All in One SEO has a great set up structure to ensure that you are linking to the correct places.

I now use both for every site I build and It has improved my number of hits dramatically.

Both these are free plugins though you can opt for a paid upgrade. Not necessary for the average slugger.

I also use a paid plug called SEO audit to make sure my page is structured properly. This has a cost of under $10.00 and represents great value. Sites get indexed by Google in minutes, not weeks


The most important thing with SEO is, and will always be your keyword. The word people type in to find your page or offer.

wordpress SEO

With a word like Nike, you have over a billion searches so how can you ever get found?

The simple answer is for long tail keywords. Nike ballistic boots men in store Sydney now would rate far higher on the page. This is a whole subject but basically choose your keywords carefully’
I use a free product at Wealthy affiliate called jaaxy.  The wealthy affiliate also has a lot of training on this as well



Other SEO ideas and plugins

I use a product called Rapid SEO indexer. A paid plugin for WordPress.

Rapid SEO makes sure the site is indexed in Google because this is where people search. Cost is under $10.00 and represents fantastic value.

blogging for SEO

wordpress SEO

Blogging or writing posts is also important because Google needs to trust you before pushing you to the top of the page.
This page is a blog for my website new business online and sets out to inform and help you plus increase my SEO.
The more blogs you do, the frequency and quality determines your site position.
How many blogs do you need to do? The answer is at least 6 a month but more is better. You have full free training and writing templates at Wealthy Affiliate on how to achieve this


Self-help SEO

Things in Internet change quickly. Skills learned yesterday are lost today as advances in technology grow at a rapid rate.

It was only a few short years ago that self-help SEO was not possible. Now with a few free services you are able to compete with the big boys on an equal footing.

wordpress SEO

This page has only touched the tip of the subject as each heading is a full course on its own.

Not everyone uses WordPress. However, it is estimated that over 40% of bloggers use the free platform and in Feb 2017 it was further estimated that 77 million blogs a month were produced


SEO is an art that you must train for. The difference is that you now have tools and training to tackle the subject and mostly at no cost to you.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can build a blog and train for free to learn these skills and apply them to any business

wordpress SEO

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