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Wealthy affiliate complaints

Wealthy affiliate complaints.

Here Peter Hanley talks about Wealthy affiliate complaints. What are your rights, obligations and how do you go about addressing them?

Everyone has complaints

How true is that?  The complaints are always very real to the complainer and it affects your rational judgement when you have an issue.

The problem is exasperated when it can’t be attended and fronted with real solutions as we lurch from an attempt to try, to again fail.
The problem gets bigger and the waste of time gets more annoying when we can’t get a quick answer.

Are the complaints real?

You don’t care if the complaint is deemed real, It’s your complaint and boy it sure is real. So let’s get this out of the way.

wealthy affiliate complaints

We do see members complaining about problems in the forums and the good thing is that many contributors put a good light on the complaint and also offer reasonable solutions in a kind and friendly way.
I sometimes tend to be a bit harsher when it is really a  mess up.
At Wealthy Affiliate, there are hard and fast rules and members get banned for breaching the rules and they usually cry “Why me”?.  It’s the rules honey don’t mess with them.

Support is there to help

Your second port of call is support. My experience has always been good, I actually typed great but backed up a bit. I  could maybe add a Very in there in most cases.

Support doesn’t know everything. It’s a fact but they will try their very best to address the problem and arrive at a solution. However,  sometimes they fail.
I am sticking pretty much to Wealthy Affiliate here as that is the subject line and I know we have all had problems elsewhere but I can’t fix the world. I, like you, have suffered some nightmare experiences trying to get things fixed. In fact, I was with another hosting service with a training site that I had built. I lost the ability to log into Word Press and went to the Host, and then to the owner of the theme. Ended up scrapping the idea.

Go to Live Chat

Here you get community support with an answer to most questions. So vent your spleen to the full extent because most are pretty forgiving. It does not always work but back to support for another go.

When all else fails

Now, this is something you won’t see in many places but I have seen and experienced it many times.  You must exhaust the normal channels first but if you can’t get an answer there is one last solution.

You side message one of the owners on the facebook page or on the main page and state your problem, what you have done and that you can’t get an appropriate response.
Now, Kyle or Carson, the owners of WA will respond to your request. You might like the answer or not but you will receive a positive outcome.
I did this with a well-known Plugin that stopped working.  I went through all the channels and ended with Kyle. The response was the PLUGIN was not supported by WA because of security issues and could not be used. End of story. Not the answer I wanted but a formal conclusion to the problem.

So there you have it.

Members Forum
Live Chat
The owners direct

If you can’t get it off your liver by now you can always change carriers it’s your choice.

Wealthy affiliate complaints by Peter Hanley

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