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Is word press difficult to use?

Is word press difficult to use?

Is word press difficult to use? Yes, it sure is but like any skill, it can be made very easy for you. Have a look at this free page builder idea to start the journey now.

Is word press difficult to use

We don’t expect you to believe in the unbelievable but it can be done.

If I am a Septuagenarian ( that’s over 70 years old) and have built several sites following the free training at Wealthy Affiliate and you can too..

I started the journey of learning so that I could understand the whole system with some clarity.
The internet world is filled with hucksters willing to take your money and to avoid wasting money your Knowledge is your Power

We are not here to take a penny from you. In fact, you can spend a lifetime on Wealthy affiliate without a single cost.

Buying a course

You will often see courses advertised at silly amounts like $7.00 only.

In this business is a thing called Upsells. Once you pay your entry you must continue to buy more and more.

In fact, one course I subscribed to had a starting fee of just $29. Within a short time of selling me on the wonderful opportunity, we were at a  $1900 Investment and it went on from there.

It is Horses for courses but you need some basics to understand the good from the bad.

Is word press difficult to use

If you are happy with the Wealthy Affiliate and wish to go to a level that includes Hosting. training and affiliate sales you do have a monthly fee.

Link to Wealthy affiliate

That is it. No upsells, no cross-sells, no bright shining objects what you see is what you get.

In these days of instant gratification understand that the Internet world is a big learning curve and you won’t do it in one day.

You will, however, be able to keep up with the best if you are willing to commit some time and effort. Not Money, it does not buy results.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a community site where you can ask questions,

make comments, post blogs, build training and lots more. Here is what Darren had to say.

How good is Wealthy Affiliate?

What Darren had to say.

“I believe there is no such thing as a get rich quick system, or I would have found it by now. Believe me, I’ve looked hard. The only thing that can accomplish that is winning the lotto, or inheriting money from a rich uncle. Any genuine venture takes some degree of effort and some time. There’s no avoiding that.

While there is so much to learn in this business, it’s great to be learning new skills. Not a day goes by where I don’t acquire new knowledge. The community here is unbelievable and selfless. Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed, and I believe that’s the true heart and driving force of Wealthy Affiliate.”

No way I could have said it better.

By clicking on any of the pictures you will be sent to the Wealthy Affiliate  site,

Sign in and look around. No money, no credit card no false promises.

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