SEO and word press

SEO and word press

SEO and WordPress would seem like a major challenge. WordPress is a free website builder working on an open platform enabling many add-ons and valuable inputs

In addition with just a few concepts, you can be an expert in word press, SEO and furthermore get results.

SEO and Word press
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to have your website ranked and have visitors connected to you or your business.

Anyone can do this providing you undergo some training and trialling.


Plugins are tools that make your life easy by connecting you to a selected area. Available on any WP site you have a choice of tens of thousands of plugins tested over a long time.

An example is “an all in one SEO plugin” What this does is guide you on the things you need to do to get your site ranked for SEO. It is a follow the bouncing ball system that anyone can do.

Another example is Yoast SEO with over 1 million installations. This plugin tells you how to write and what to do so that your SEO can be achieved. Antispam, sales, accounting, forms, shops, the list is endless.

SEO and word press

Webmaster tools

To enhance your SEO to an even greater degree Both Google and Bing help you to achieve results and show you statistics and trends to help guide your future.

You can use google analytic or a plugin to do this. Every time someone comes to your site you can see all the details so you understand fully the return on your actions.


Keywords are the connector to the world, They can be short like a name, Amazon, ” Nike” or any brand that will take you to a website. They can be expanded to “Nike Running shoes” to take you in a new direction or even “Nike running shoes for ladies and pricing in US dollars” When you type a keyword it takes you to a choice of sites

think about the last time you searched and what you achieved.

Create a free site

Finally, if you want to try this for free create your own site and get all the training you need to go from rank amateur to expert in a short time. Learn all about the above topics in easy paced training both visual and written with no payment.

SEO and word press


Both WordPress and SEO go together as one. Therefore they need the support of many other inputs to achieve any degree of acceptance.

Seo and wordpress


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