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Working From Home Opportunities


Working from home opportunities can really generate money fast with Social media Management


So you have a Facebook and think you’re pretty good on doing the odd post.

Perhaps do a couple of Instagram and keep them interested.

Did you know people will pay you for this and pay really well?
Why, you may well ask, would people outsource such a simple thing as flipping a few posts?

We are talking businesses here not the casual Facebook poster.

Businesses need to be seen on Social media to advance their position in the market but it takes a lot of time. Time they can better spend elsewhere

It is fact that social media will drive business. It is also a fact that it must be consistent and relentless to achieve best effect.

One mistake of new talent.

It is difficult to be a master of everything. This is particularly so in the early learning curve period when you are trying to go in depth.
This is also true with the speed of change. The social platforms are introducing updates regularly and these are not all good, in fact, some can cause damage to your message.

Can a business grow using Social Media.

The answer is a resounding yes but which one is best.

Working From Home Opportunities

Take the case of Kayla Itsines a young entrepreneurial exercise trainer. When starting out Kayla used Instagram as her platform. Now at just 26 Kayla has an empire worth $63 million and something like 19 million Instagram followers. Yes read that again,, she is only 26 and teaches exercise and she did it.

Yes, she had an idea for a product that has grown but the point here it was all done on Social media.

She lives in Adelaide in Australia a long way from the world market but dominates her niche in a way not many were able to do.

She got to understand her medium, Instagram and used it to the best of her abilities gaining a viral build, a dream of us all to travel the giddy path of a viral climb.

Businesses have no idea

Working From Home Opportunities

Most businesses have no idea. They do a facebook and it sits without any posts and they will tell you it does not work. Your car goes no where unless you drive it. Your business is closed unless you open the doors and stand behind the counter and interact with people. Social media is the same, you need to drive it.

My daughter runs a clothing shop, women’s cloths, country town, not a huge market but enough to get by on. What makes a difference is the daily Facebook post. Now sometimes the post is a product, sometimes a saying, talking about an event, something different every day. She has now built a following that snaps up the new arrivals online.  the request will be like Got that, size 4 in red please, pick up tomorrow.

It does not just happen it takes effort and that effort is taking time away from the real work.

That my friend is where you can offer your services.

You must pass the learning curve first.

Working From Home Opportunities

You will need to talk like an expert, offer to advise like an expert and then perform like one.

It is not all that hard, take the time for a few courses and concentrate your initial activities to one product. Once you have that down pat then move on.

Where do you find customers?

Everywhere. Within a mile of you, there will be 30-50 businesses. Most will need social media support.

Look up their Facebook page, follow on Instagram, check them out on Linkedin and then go to them with a package to build a profile on Social media.

Your Social media is designed to take prospects to a destination. That destination may be the front door or in many cases the company web Page. Here they can gather all the information they want to make a buying decision.

The business mistake on Social Media

It is often mistaken by business owners that customers go from Web page to Facebook page which is wrong. Facebook is a delivery mechanism A Web page is your storefront don’t get them confused.

Should you read any of my posts I go on about the need for some learning. You just can’t pick up a computer and think you know it all and sell from that day. You need some background to base your best decisions for the future. Wealthy Affiliate covers all subjects for free or Google training on the element you choose. The paid courses are usually the best but be careful in your selection there are a bundle of sharpshooters willing to take your money.

The future going forward.

When you have a platform working and you have your customer happy with you what more can you achieve?

You can do emails for them, you can guest blog to the website or Ghostwrite for them. Plan an SMS broadcast or start a second social platform.

How do you get businesses?

You walk in the door and ask them. You send an introductory email all about how you can help them

One way is to do the first one for free or based on a result.
You then use them as a referral base for new business.

What type of business?

The world is your choice, every business should have a social platform.



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